Nicholas “Nick” Burkhardt, Grimm’s main character was born on June 18, 1982, used to be a Grimm and police detective for the Portland Department. He was not raised with any information about his Grimm bloodline or the Wesen that is around him. He managed to learned about all of this from his experiences since 2011. This has made him distinctive among other Grimms. He has tried to encourage the improvement of more socially accepted interaction with all individuals.

He was originally form Rhinebeck, New York. This was where his parents were said to have died in a car accident in 1994 when he was jut twelve years old. Soledad Marquesa and others intentionally caused the car collision to happen to be able to acquire the Coins of Zakynthos. It was later on learned that Kelly Burkhardt survived this incident.

Nick lives with Juliette Silverton in Portland, Oregon wherein he works as a homicide detective at Central Precinct Justice Center for the Portland Police Bureau. He has bought an engagement ring for her. Juliette accidentally found it while arranging some socks in his chest of drawers. He proposed to Juliette but was turned down because she felt that are a lot of things are kept from her about his life.

Nick grew up with his Aunt Marie after the car accident of his parents. He had no clue until then that he is a progeny of as extensive line of human warriors, who defend mankind from rouge Wesen, beings that are not completely human but can surface to be human. A lot of Wesen live peacefully around humans but some do not. Some let their untamed natures take over them and are easily turn violent. It is up to a Grimm to stop them from becoming so. A book of fairytales was written to help warn humans of the hazards of the world. This book was written by Nick’s ancestors, the Brothers Grimm.

Wieder Blutbad Monroe, a reformed, became his unofficial partner after an encounter with him. This partnership upsets the Reapers and probably other Grimms.  Monroe has been intimidated, threatened and beaten up to scare him off of helping Nick out. Even so, he still manages to loyal to Nick.  It is only with him that Nick can share details about his Grimm movements.

Nick also has is in good relations with his senior mentor and investigations partner Hank Griffin, even if at times, Hank finds difficulty in understanding how Nick is able to “see” what he does in people. He also maintains a pleasant and reverent relationship with Captain Sean Renard. Renard is his superior. Nick may be unaware of it, but Renard actually looks after him as best as he can do.

Even though Aunt Marie had warned Nick about it, Nick still decided to stay with Juliette. Aunt Marie insists that they should break up for her own good. Juliette and nick have very intimate and loving relationship but Juliette is getting very apprehensive about the things that are going on with Nick. He fell in love with Juliette while he was investigating a hit and run case and invited her to move in with him in 2009.

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