Gotham: All Happy Families are Alike | S1-E22

By Dave Defino / 6 years ago

All Happy Families are Alike is the finale of season 1 of Gotham. A lot happens in this episode, making it one of the better episodes in this “end of season” arc we have been in for the past few episodes. The episode opens with Selina warming herself at a trash can fire down by […]


Gotham: The Anvil or the Hammer | S1-E21

By Dave Defino / 7 years ago

The Anvil or the Hammer continues the story of the Ogre, and his new obsession with Barbara. In a way, the criminals obsession mimics Gordon’s obsession with catching him. After last weeks Wayne Ball, Barbara wakes up from a one night stand with the Ogre. As she tries to slink off in the morning, he […]