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Grimm Premiere Recap: Monroe’s Life Hangs in the Balance

By Gian Laquindanum / 5 years ago

Monroe kidnapped by the masked psychopaths, while Juliette tries to hide the fact that she is now a Hexenbiest, and Wu force directly into the Wesen world. Welcome to the crew, Wu. Wu probably has a million and one questions, but the fans will have to wait for now. They have been throwing around the […]


Grimm Season 4 Episode 1: Thanks For The Memories

By Gian Laquindanum / 6 years ago

Let’s do some refreshment before reviewing the newest episode: Nick lost his powers to detect Wesen. Captain Renard  was fighting for his life after being shot by the rogue Hundjäger, Steward. There was crying in the chapel at Monroe and Rosalie’s wedding as Nick realized Adalind had tricked him into bed.  Juliette was – obviously […]