Grimm Premiere Recap: Monroe’s Life Hangs in the Balance

Monroe kidnapped by the masked psychopaths, while Juliette tries to hide the fact that she is now a Hexenbiest, and Wu force directly into the Wesen world.

Welcome to the crew, Wu.

Wu probably has a million and one questions, but the fans will have to wait for now. They have been throwing around the hashtag #TellWu on Twitter all season long. The episode starts with Nick and Hank unleashing Wu and taking him to Aunt Marie’s trailer for a little Wesen 101. They give Wu the five-minute rundown before getting the call from Rosalee that Monroe has been taken. After a night, drinking away uncertainty and have fought in the bar, that’s why he’s in jail.

Juliette keeps her secret to herself.

Juliette is home alone while sweeping up glass that she broke with her new Hexenbiest powers.

Knowing that this might be isn’t the best time to tell her Grimm lover that she’s now a zombie-faced witch, she keeps it secret to herself. Nick calls and she gets her chance to tell him about Monroe’s kidnapping.

When Rosalee narrated what Monroe told her the night before they got married: “The night before we got married, we were lying in bed. Monroe told me that for the rest of our lives, we would be known as Monroe and Rosalee. Not just Monroe, not just Rosalee. But Monroe and Rosalee. I can’t lose him now.” Nick sends Rosalee over to their house to keep her safe and Juliette try to keep her relax.

Juliette has a dream about rippingRosalee’s throat out.Juliette is going to have to tell Nick about this, even if Monroe isn’t rescued in the next episode. What if she can’t control herself and does bad things she regrets.

Monroe’s future looks grim.

It quickly becomes clear that the masked men who took Monroe (the Wesenrein) are serious. Monroe is taken to an old warehouse and chained up, tortured him, give him vodka instead of water, and they mock him about his “impurity.” Monroe sees another “impure Wesen” being held there named Terry, whom the Wesenrein drag out of the warehouse. Monroe gets a chance to escape. He runs into the woods, where he finds Terry’s impaled body before being captured again.

Nick is angry of the kidnapping of his bestfriend. The Wesen interrogates him bybanged his head on the table and then proceeded to choke him.

Renard and Hanksuggests letting Shaw go so they can follow him.

In Shaw’s house, Wu finds a picture of Shaw with Officer Acker. Acker is part of the Wesenrein!They put Wu on watch at Shaw’s house to see where hemay go, but theGrand Master of the Wesenrein kills Shaw before he can talk.

Williams was being insisted to send messages from the Grand Master to Acker.Looking through Acker’s phone log, they see he made lots of calls to Walker Williams, a jail inmate. Find out that Williams’ ex-cellmate was the Grand Master himself.

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