Fox Sleepy Hollow Cancellation Rumors Future not Bright for Fans

Too much of the apocalyptic saga for our Sleepy Hollow heroes, has the same fate follows the series considering the decline in audience favor? Rumors always has it, but we are not yet headless perhaps hope for the show’s comeback will linger.

Wilmington’s time as the battleground of the apocalypse has come to an end.

Last week, Dana Walden the Fox Television Group CEO declared that the show will move production to Atlanta, only if it’s renewed for a third season.After almost two years of filming, Fox’s supernatural drama “Sleepy Hollow” wrapped production this week on its second and final season in the area.

After the N.C. General Assembly cut a g film incentive program in favor of a $10 million grant program, the announcement left a somber note, Wednesday as crews and local businesses that benefited from the show, watched another production.

One of several high-profile projects who began filming in Wilmington in 2013 was“Sleepy Hollow”. CBS’ summer series “Under the Dome,” which also began filming in 2013 is the only production that has given a verbal obligation to return to Wilmington in 2015.

Sleepy Hollow’s 18-episode second season was beginning filming in May, rumors twisted about the show’s future in the state.

Eric Lee Davis, a production assistant on the show, said the “Hollow” even before the incentive was officially struck down in September,set had run unrestrained with such opinions.

“There was talk of it staying here. There was talk of it moving to Savannah, and then Boston and Philadelphia. We heard all kinds of rumors,” Davis said.

As stated by TV by the Numbers, it’s as if Fox was scheming against the Cancellation Bear editorial schedule. The Cancellation Bear tracks the likelihood of a show’s renewal or cancellation chances.

Saturday, Fox renewed “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Empire,” “Glee” and other shows on the network. But after Saturday’s renewals, the Cancellation Bear reduced lower grade “Sleepy Hollow” from a “certain” to a “likely” renewal.

There is some growing worrisome, if Fox out and out renewed “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” why didn’t they renew “Sleepy Hollow” at the same time? Openly the Bear still likes the show’s chances.

The second season has gotten muchcomplicated and is actually sometimes laughable. “Sleepy Hollow” has been going through some growing agoniesin its second season, why because the direction of the show taking is displeased by some fans.

The second season appears to be reaching for plotlines. It would appear fans would like to see it go back to some air of the first season’s format especially without all the Ichabod/Katrina drama.

If you haven’t seen Episode 13, entitled “Pittura Infamante,” you may want to turn back now, because a major spoiler isabout to come.

It doesn’t threaten well for a show’s triumph when even the stars haven’t got a hint as to why their roles are behaving as they are. In a recent clip featuring Orlando Jones, he looks ashamed, but and at a loss for words when it comes to his recent “rebirth” on the show.

As for now, it is not confirmed yet, will if it’s not coming as much of a leave open-mouthed to some viewers if Fox’s Sleepy Hollow gets the ax and ends up headless.

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