AHS Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Curtain Call

Indeed, the season of American Horror Story as a whole is a complete pack of crazed, plenty of graphic violence, torture, serial killers, and weird sex stuff. The finale of this season of AHS comes with lots of characters with awakening graphics under the disposal of Dandy Mott. Usually American Horror Story staples just turned up with 11 killer clowns, human craziness, and cover songs.

After of too many blasts, extremely when Dandy blames Paul, Suzi, and the rest of the characters in the show fights. Now the tables are turned, when Dandy finds himself with a carnival sans freaks, ride operators, or anything else after a mass quitting. Dandy’s is not about to take that lying down, cause he has got a gold-plated revolver and his mistakes into kill-crazed paranoid.

Then Dandy basically kills everyone he can find, from major character Paul and Suzi. Dandy never leaves,  anyone survives due to Eve’s heroics. As the odds pin Dandy down, spit in his face, and tell him that his money won’t buy him assumption, his expression change. When Dandy pops, a serious killing of everyone in the camp—by shooting them down.Dandy then walks through the camp, only running into problems when he reaches Amazon Eve in Desiree’s trailer. It’s shot in such a way that we’re never quite sure just who is going to die.

Dandy is going to get his in the end. He sentimentality towards Bette and Dot. He’s left behind a few too many loose ends, Dandy ends up with the same strategy happened to Ma Petite and was teased with multiple times this season. It is difficult to analyze watching someone drown in Harry Houdini’s water torture tank. About Dandy’s wedding, it is appropriately redoubtable, and also his first and last dinner as a married man.

Dandy’s murder spree is slow and steady, and never planned with Elsa snuffing out cigarette after cigarette in the lobby of the television studio. Elsa isn’t exactly a great performer, indeed, she’s a master manipulator, and when she gets Michael Beck (David Burtka) within her claws, by using him to get all the way to the top.Just how hard Elsa worked to get to where she is and how she is little concern she had for anyone other than her freakishness.

The core of Elsa’s desire to be famous is universal love, unlimited love, rather her close friends or family. It doesn’t matter if she can’t stay on the top, what matters most to her is she she can take her bow as the Queen of Friday Nights on her own conditions. Those freaks were still her family, family and being loved are all that really matters, even for the most successful of performers.

From the Dandy massacre mimicking Tate’s school shoots and Elsa’s happy ending mimicking the Harmon Family Ghost Christmas to Pepper’s reappearing then disappearing, worked better than I thought it would, even though the season was kind of bewildered at times.

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