AHS Freak Show Recap: Abra-Kill-Dabra

Spoiler alert: This recap contains plot and character details for this week’s Magical Thinking episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Jimmy’s claws finished up beneath glass at the American Morbidity Museum. Stanley/Spencer (Denis O’Hare) works his hoodwinking magic on the framed freak by invoking the memory of dead Meep, threatening that he needed something higher than a something. However it occurred that Jimmy’s not a lobster no more. Stanley saws off each hand before dumping him at the ER.

Deadbeat Dell (Michael Chiklis) arrives at County to search out his crippled child. He tells Jimmy he shouldn’t have trusted “that guy.”

The Tattler Twins (Sarah Paulson), not to go under the knife but stick it out along instead; have determined to throw themselves into the carnal carny life. They burn their diaries, as would like “nothing to hide from one another and no need for secrets.”

Neil Patrick Harris, Erika Ervin, and Mat Fraser

He meets Elsa (Jessica Lange). However one check up on his ledger after his proposal to split pre-show with vertebrate returns 50-50, and he’s got an offer to warm up the crowd in exchange for some bookkeeping. He drops to his knees, cries, and kisses the ring while saying, “You have given me and Marjorie [the name of his doll] a place, a purpose, a family.” He thanks the twins. “Magic is all about distracting the audience, and what better distraction than you two. You’re beautiful,” he says.”

The twins are too determined to be devirginized to require heed. Dot simply sighs, “Whatever you would like.”

The guy within the fedora from earlier was employed by Dandy to observe the twins, and he delivers some juicy pics taken through the flap to a perceptibly agitated Dandy. “Did it seem romantic? Do they love him? They were supposed to be mine,” he says.

Back to the present day: Summoning Chester to Elsa because she intends to sell the show to Chester for $1,000. Chester the Creeper starts detailing his plan to give the new headliner, Marjorie, Elsa’s tent.

Meanwhile, Amazon Eve joins forces with Dell to free Jimmy throughout his transport back to his cell. Dell kills two cops within the process and gets shot, but. Jimmy and his nubs are free. That was sounds escape.

Chester desires them to send an APB for the kidnapped of Marjorie. He runs into Dandy, running off about how Marjorie said she was exploit which she was terribly angry about “what you probably did to the twins.” Dandy directs him to the large top and guarantees he wouldn’t flip Marjorie in. “No, I’m firmly on your side.” He says. “She’s the only one you can trust.” When they are reunited, Marjorie demands top billing and saw the twins in half because they came between them. “This time you have to do the dirty work,” she says.

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