Reggie Lee’s Wu Resists with the Truth about Wesen

Reggie Lee’s character Sgt. Wu, 2014 was a tough year.

Drew Wu currently understands the supernatural nature of Grimm’s Portland, Ore. A face-to-face encounter with a childhood monster called Aswang prompted him to commit himself to a psychological state clinic, and though his friends and fellow law enforcement officers, Dets. Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) and hank enforcement (Russell Hornsby), confirmed to Wu that the Wesen world and, the sergeant’s personal demon, are, in fact, quite real, the data provided little comfort.

With the NBC series set to return Jan. 16, Hero complicated chatted with Lee whose character has the bizarre honor of getting a doughnut named him at a Portland work.

Hero Complex: Wu learned some shocking truths regarding the Wesen-perpetrated crimes in Portland how would you describe his state of mind this season?

Reggie Lee: I’ve felt like Nick and volute were lying to me concerning something. I’d guessed … it was one thing supernatural…But I knew that they were lying to me regarding something… once Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) started returning into the picture… they doing something fully illegal? …they were selecting me tell Pine Tree State something and it was driving me insane. And hence, it was obtaining angrier and angrier.

Come the Chupacabra episode, it extremely simply came to a head… I visited them and said, “You really want to inform me some answers or I’m departure.”… Wu is the everyman within the show… It’s not like everyone a beloved handling with this…

HC: executive producers Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt declared that you would break down this season…

RL: Yeah, and its eight episodes in! … A month and a half of looking this and going home attempting to measure your normal life [after seeing one among the Wesen creatures]… I felt like it was taking place a path that was irretrievable.

HC: He’s frolicked in an establishment and even a jail cell. Might you’ve got foretold this flip of events for Wu?

RL: No…. I actually thought at some purpose, there would be some quite explanation…. All I actually got was, “What you’re seeing is real.” I went home…and the only method I found to deal with that was with alcohol. However alcohol triggered of these flashbacks, [including] my major flashback, which was the Aswang… but I finished up striking someone…now I’m in my very own prison cell.

HC:@TeamSgtWu was disquieted you would possibly leave the series. Ought to she still be concerned?

RL: I don’t suppose anyone’s ever safe during this show…that’s going on between the eight of us…

HC: how does one suppose Wu ultimately can reply to his current situation?

RL: Well, look at his background. Being Asian… you would like to induce an Aplus… I believe he’s going be the simplest Wesen hunter you’ve ever had. Even while not him being a Grimm, I believe he’ll take it on as a challenge … if he ever gets over it, he’d go full-force, 150 % … and need to go after them.

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