AHS Freak Show:Magical Thinking Has a Lot In store for Neil Patrick Harris Co.

With each fleeting episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show, fans of the hit FX miniseries inch one step nearer toward sorting out what co-creator Ryan Murphy has up his sleeve for following season. This time, fans noticed a rather fascinating detail from episode 11.

A spoiler-ridden Instagram account, that post AHS teasers weekly, Neil Patrick Harris playing role as Chester Creb was seen with an obligatory Season 5 hint Magical Thinking: a Common Sense traveler’s expense book, a ledger to record all his expenses.

When Chester was introduced in Freak Show, he represented himself as a chameleon-selling salesperson who thought that 1 day performing magic tricks professionally. But Jessica Lange playing the role as Elsa had no use for Chester’s act in her show. He understood, but he begged her to rethink, he also insists that he might add performing artist act, or sell his lizards throughout the show.

Elsa scoffed at the concept till Chester bust out his expense book, proving that not solely might he sell a scaly creature but that he was also financially savvy. That’s what drove Elsa to sell the show to Chester which she later regretted once learning how mentally unstable Chester was.

Here are 3 theories that hard-boiled up supported Chester’s monetary log:

  1. 1952

The year written on the date segment of the book reveals that it had been 1952 once Chester was a traveling salesman — that’s one year before Operation top hat occurred. It had been speculated or just a theory without firm evidence, and as a result of a previous top hat clue, that might be Season 5 might need one thing to try and do with the “local field exercise” that was conducted by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps in Alabama in 1953 during which humans were used as unwitting (not aware of the full facts) test subjects in war.

  1. Detroit, Michigan

The Beach Publishing Co. that provided “Common Sense” individual expense books were once situated in the Detroit. The minor tidbit corresponds to Season, “Coven.”

Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) was a witch from one amongst the only African-American lines of the Salem witches, who resided in Detroit before enrolling in Miss Robichaux’s Academy for women in the city.

  1. Transaction

After Chester’s breakdown at the camp over a missing Marjorie, Elsa has also a magician’s role within the “Freak Show,” which is wherever the expense book comes into play. She desires to go away her little monsters within the hands of somebody capable, but also has the will to create it in Hollywood.

Episode 10 revealed Pepper’s (Namoi Grossman) heartbreaking future and Elsa will do the simplest way to create it massive and on the quilt the cover magazine, which implies she will sell the freak show. However, they might have something to try and do with Season 5. Chester could be pulling out his expense book once more to re-sell the show to somebody more fitting for the task. However, that’s only a theory.

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