Naomi Grossman Checks Into American Horror Story


It is a fact that as American Horror Story is nearing, it is getting more and more attention from several A-list Hollywood actors. Also, some noteworthy American Horror Story alums are showing desire in coming back to the said show.

Naomi Grossman, for one, has expressed interests in coming back to the show, and it seem that she may be returning as Pepper.

So what are the odds that co-creator, Ryan Murphy will bring Pepper back to the said anthology series? Pepper’s entire story has been depicted in both Asylum and Freak Show.

“Of course there’s a chance. Anything’s possible in American Horror Story,” Grossman teased to Latin Times. “Anything could happen. The Beatles could be resurrected and reunited on that show, anything could happen!”

Naomi also discussed her thoughts and ideas on what could be the general theme of the upcoming fifth season of the American Horror Story, entitled, Hotel.

“I’m sure there have been mass murders in hotels, that’s probably where I would look first. They always draw upon the past and history, so I imagine it’ll be something like that.”

Naomi was recently spotted in the last 3rd Annual Reality TV awards. She drew attention as soon as everybody saw her without her American Horror Story disguise. Contradictory to her character, her hair was much longer and she was stunningly beautiful in her red gown and gold accessories.

“I keep texting my stylist, like ‘What do you think, should we do streaks? Highlights next? Do you like the color? What do you think, Robin Wright Penn or shaggy rocker?’ and he’s like ‘Just hold off a minute, just get hair first,’ ” Grossman said in a toofab interview. “I’m so excited; I actually have like hair to do something with!”

Naomi Grossman is such an amazing actress. Her character in the series, Pepper, was such a success that Ryan Murphy had decided to reprise her character for another season which is actually breaking his own rules for him.

The said actress says she is open to any possibility of what her character might be.

“As far as next season is concerned, I would love to play a new character. That said, I would also play Pepper forever, given the opportunity. But I think it would be interesting to see me do something else.”

The actress has also expressed that her past role in the anthology series is a great learning experience and an opportunity for her growth as a person and as an actress.

“I don’t even know where to begin. The character taught me to appreciate the little things. Like the fact that I have legs — because let’s face it, there were people on set that didn’t. The experience [of being on “Freak Show”] taught me so much about humanity, and relating to others that are perhaps different.”

While awaiting that call from Ryan Murphy, she says is on presently working on The Chair.

“I play the mother of the death row inmate that’s destined for the chair.”

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