Grimm’s Headache Recap


What’s in the box? A head, the head of Nick’s mom. What a shocking and devastating site for Nick.

For every triumph, there has to be a devastating defeat on Grimm. This week, Nick and the gang effectively cured Captain Renard of his Jack-the-Ripper spirit possession, but then only to be called to Nick’s house by a recently returned Trubel to examine what contains of the most horrible startling package ever. Regardless of the seeming despair of their circumstances, though, the seeds of their next victory have already been planted. Even though her plan was a success and Juliette was made privy to the sounds of Nick’s mom brutal demise, Juliette was starting to lament her actions. This is quite a surprise.

Grimm has taken Juliette to some very dark places this season. Her repentance seems quite abrupt when seen in the perspective of all the other chaos she has caused everyone around her. Almost killing almost everyone she has ever cared about at one time or another did little to subdue Juliette’s fury and violence. Even her barely avoided murder of Monroesalie didn’t put her off in the slightest. But then again, the vital word here is “almost.” The danger of the game she has been playing did not seem actual to Juliette until someone actually did get hurt like what has transpired now. She was treated like a child for so much of Grimm’s run that even when she was being awful, it was thrilling to see her taking action, protecting herself, and making out her own uniqueness that’s much more thorough than “the Grimm’s girlfriend.” Juliette has again, been shrank to a child.

A likewise unsatisfactory humbling of a proud, homicidal personality came with the end of Renard’s phantom bleeding condition. Nick’s present case and Renard’s crisis came together this week when Adalind obligingly revealed in the least climactic peak ever that someone in the ether hitched a ride when Renard’s mom resurrected him way back then. This was the ghost of Jack the Ripper, who was possessing the Captain and utilizing his body to continue chopping up hookers.

So, Monroe and Rosalee, along with the team attempted to kill Renard to kick out Jack the Ripper off his body and it it appears that it had worked even if they did not in fact kill him.

After a string of great episodes, “Headache” was  quite rough, muddled, and in general not great in a few areas. However, like so many penultimate episodes, the genuine strengths in “Heartache” lay in what the episode will adds to the finale. Juliette’s sorrow will certainly be the key to Nick, Hank, and the others infiltrating the Royals’ defenses to get baby Diana back. Inspite of this, Juliette’s key role in Nick’s mother’s demise will give an entire new level of difficulties to their relationship. How does one come back from something like that?

Grimm is nearing its end with one last episode left for this season. Fans are excited for next week’s finale.

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