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A Closer Look Into Grimm’s Nick Burkhardt’s Character

By Gian Laquindanum / 8 years ago

Nicholas “Nick” Burkhardt, Grimm’s main character was born on June 18, 1982, used to be a Grimm and police detective for the Portland Department. He was not raised with any information about his Grimm bloodline or the Wesen that is around him. He managed to learned about all of this from his experiences since 2011. […]


Russell Hornsby on Grimm

By Gian Laquindanum / 9 years ago

Russell Hornsby’s character Hank Griffin is one of the few major human characters on the show. Hank often provides the grounded perspective; he’s the man often in between man and Wesen. He has faced monsters and kept it together, unlike his fellow human Sgt. Wu (played by Reggie Lee). Aside from lending his perspective and […]