Grimm’s You Don’t Know Jack Recap


Hank, Wu, Monroe and Nick go to what remains of the trailer that Juliette had burned down and picked up what they can. They took what they could all back to the basement of the Spice Shop of Monroe and Rosalee.

They are soon called to the location of a gruesome slaughter of a prostitute who happens to be a Fuchsbau. Her wounds are look familiar and recognizable. They very much look like those made by Jack the Ripper. Another prostitute, a Wesen acquaintance of the first, soon is also murdered. All the group knows sof the perpetrator is that he is wearing a long dark trench coat and he calls himself Jack, and that has a British accent.

From all the information they have gathered, the team soon discovers that there were parallel stories to the Jack the Ripper report that occurred a hundred years before he became known. However, they cannot find any evidence as to who his identity is.

Monroe, Rosalee, Renard, and Adalind dig up her mother’s body and employ some of her organs to formulate a potion that will restrain Hexenbiest powers. Adalind experiments the potion on herself and it actually does works. Nick attempts to call Juliette in order to help her be cured. She however, is not picking up her phone. This is most likely because she is too preoccupied in providing Kenneth all the information about her total former neighborhood and house  – who lives where, the layout of the house, and so on. She goes to the house and uses the computer to reach Nick’s mother.

Renard then wakes up in a swimming pool. His wounds then later began bleeding again during a press conference. He visits to Henriette for some help on his wounds, and she has a number of ideas and thinks she could help. Sadly, after he leaves, she gets one more visitor, Jack. This is the guy who had been killing off the Wesen prostitutes and it unfortunately does not look like it ends well for her.

Juliette at last returns Nick’s call and goes to the Spice Shop at his appeal. As she arrives, the group suggest to her the potion, but she’s not engrossed about the idea and started going crazy and violent. She threw Rosalee into a wall. This caused Nick to draw his gun. As he points the gun at her, she utilizes her powers to make him aim the gun at Monroe and pull the trigger.

This surprised many viewers. This also shows how badly Juliette has gone down in her dark path. It’s difficult to picture that Juliette could be saved in any way at this point, and that is still assuming that the shot from Nick’s gun did not gravely injure anyone. It is hard to mull over that they would have gone through all the fuss of formulating that potion and then Juliette never gets any of it.

Jack killing Henriette was unforeseen – what is his endgame, evidently it’s not just prostitutes, and how did he so easily overpower a powerful Hexenbiest? Catch more of Grimm tomorrow.

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