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Title of Sleepy Hollow Season 02 Episode 02 Revealed

By Ishrar / 9 years ago

By: Kh Ishrar Is Sleepy Hollow Going To Allow Some Family Bonding? It’s time to wake up Sleepy Heads! We know Sleepy Hollow has been missing from our lives for a while now but you can now revive a little as the second episode of your favorite show has now been assigned a name. That’s […]


Sleepy Hollow Finale Review

By Gian Laquindanum / 10 years ago

Before I start this post let me just pick my jaw from the floor and remind you that there will be SPOILERS AHEAD. Sleepy Hollow, what a shocking season 1 finale you have given us and for this you deserve the utmost adoration. First of all, almost all of the characters were left in jeopardy […]