Title of Sleepy Hollow Season 02 Episode 02 Revealed

By: Kh Ishrar

Is Sleepy Hollow Going To Allow Some Family Bonding?

sleepy hollow season 02It’s time to wake up Sleepy Heads! We know Sleepy Hollow has been missing from our lives for a while now but you can now revive a little as the second episode of your favorite show has now been assigned a name. That’s right! We are already aware that the first episode of the second season of Sleepy Hollow has been titled ‘Hellfire’ and fiery it will be! The second episode, co-written by Mark Goffman and Albert Kim, has been named ‘The Kindred’. As the name suggests, we are expecting this episode to be largely based on the family issues and we know there are a handful of those.  Ichabod and Katrina have a new family member introduced in their lives and the only family of Abbie’s, that we know of, is Jenny. About Henry Parish, who has been reintroduced as Jeremy, Ichabod and Katrina’s son, Mark Goffman says, “He’s going to be in town. It’s going to be a major presence in season two. It’s a season about war, it’s a season about redemption. sleepy hollow season 02What do you do when your son becomes the Horseman of War in the apocalypse? Ichabod is going to have to contemplate assuming he gets out of the pine box he’s in.” So, there are chances that we will get to know more about the newest addition to the Cranes or the Mills might let out some deep dark secrets. Eventhough Jeremy has given his parents nothing but trouble so far, he is still their child. It has been revealed that Ichabod and Katrina are going to be at a loss when it comes to banishing their enemies which in turn means losing their only son. Goffman says, “It’s not going to be easy to decide what to do. It strikes the fundamental question about hope and redemption. Is anyone beyond redemption and hope?”

sleepy hollow season 02Aside from the family drama, the town is in big trouble as there is evil running around and now that good is literally trapped (with Ichabod in the pine box, Abbie in the purgatory, Katrina taken by the headless horseman, Jenny injured in a car accident and Irving being in jail), Sleepy Hollow is in desperate need someone to fight back. And Len Wiseman assures there will be one, by stating, “One of the things we wanted to bring to light was who best to be an opponent for the Horseman and creating a new creature that actually our team kind of controls but doesn’t – a dangerous creation that Headless will have to come to face – possibly with his own face.”

Over the wait for the second season, we have already learned that the show is giving us a founding father, Benjamin Franklin, in the face of Timothy Busfield. Apparently, Ben Franklin will visit us through Ichabod’s flashbacks of 1775.

The amazing show is blessing us with an extension of episodes in its second season. Unlike the first season (13 episodes), Season 02 has been resized to contain 18 episodes.

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