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Sleepy Hollow: What’s In Store for Pittura Infamante

By Gian Laquindanum / 9 years ago

Last week, Sleepy Hollow came back for its 2015 run and that we were introduced to a surrogate angel, however not the sort we¬† were expecting. Currently the question is where are they heading next? We met Orion once when Ichabod and Abbie were in an a fight with some low-level demons, Orion used his […]


Grimm’s Greatest Guest Stars

By Gian Laquindanum / 10 years ago

Casting can be a tricky thing. Take for example Grimm in its early stages of conception. The creators David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf wanted the lead star to be fresh, someone who cannot be easily recognized from any previous TV projects. David Giuntoli did have TV experience but they were one-off roles in comedies or […]