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Gotham: Under The Knife | S1-E20 – Review

By Dave Defino / 5 years ago

Under The Knife is the continuation of last weeks episode and is likely a story arc that will continue through the next two episodes to bring us to the end of the season. Gordon has decided to go after the Ogre with everything he has. Gordon tries to convince Dr. Thompkins to leave town until […]


How I Met Your Mother- The Ultimate Post Mortem

By Ishrar / 7 years ago

By: Kh Ishrar HIMYM: The Love, The Hate and The In-Betweens I had no plans of creating an account of my thoughts on the legendary show of How I Met Your Mother but let’s just say I was driven by certain factors. Firstly, I’ve already read a number of reviews of the show’s finale episode […]