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Trubel, Grimm’s Next Villain?

By Gian Laquindanum / 4 years ago

The fourth season of Grimm has just recently ended and viewers of the show are eager to know more about what’s to come in the upcoming fifth season of the show In the last scene of the finale of NBC’s hit show, Grimm, wherein the FBI men said, “Get her,” raised stirred speculation in the […]


Should There Be A Third Season For Sleepy Hollow?

By Gian Laquindanum / 5 years ago

    After an amazingly triumphant first season, season two of Sleepy Hollow appeared to be a everlasting trek towards the end of days. The writing, having  turned out to be more and more prescribed and tired, left our heroes without much to advance their stories, relying as an alternative on the villain of the […]