Should There Be A Third Season For Sleepy Hollow?


After an amazingly triumphant first season, season two of Sleepy Hollow appeared to be a everlasting trek towards the end of days. The writing, having  turned out to be more and more prescribed and tired, left our heroes without much to advance their stories, relying as an alternative on the villain of the week to divert from the under-development of characters and their relationships.

With “The Awakening” and “Tempus Fugit,” the second last and final episodes of the season, the show’s writers have astonished fans and detractors the same by bringing main punches with two of the biggest plot twists in the short history of the series in its final two episodes of season two.

By finishing the season with what is fundamentally a clean slate, Sleepy Hollow sets itself up to go back to what made it so great in the first place, by focusing on the relationships between our fantastic four characters: Abbie, Crane, Jenny and Frank. Here is why Sleepy Hollow should be renewed for a third season.

Season one gained its success basically because it has its focus on Ichabod and Abbie realizing how much they both needed each other to be successful. Season two as an alternative focused its efforts on creating and finding ways to produce divisions, doubts and distrust amongst them. With “Tempus Fugit,” we were treated to almost a equivalent of the first season of Sleepy Hollow with Abbie running around in 18th century Tarrytown. By putting Abbie front and center in the plot, Sleepy Hollow was able to force the narrative with punch by letting its leading lady character to do what she does best: kick ass and take names with her partner-in-crime, which should carry on into a third season.

With Katrina and Henry out of the way, it paves way for a lot of room in season three for who the next big bad villain could be, and as Abbie made allusions to in the season finale, there is still way worse to approach, so the writers have the chance to entirely change what the show’s route could be and bring about more appealing storyline points and twists. Also and probably more significant, with Katrina having broken up with Ichabod in the quickest turn-around from good to evil we have seen yet, it opens up the possibility for romance between Abbie and Ichabod in the next season, which would bring pleasure to the a lot of Ichabbie fans.

The season two finale of Sleepy Hollow has shown that the show is responsive of what the fans are asking for and is proficient of meeting those desires and then some. By finishing off the season with a unsoiled slate, they have produced both conclusion and whetted appetites. “Tempus Fugit” has left fans with a sentiment of this being the end, but it also gives expectation that the show will go back refocused on what had made it so excellent in the first place: great characters and amazingly crazy interpretations of historical events. Here’s to expecting that FOX would be able to give Sleepy Hollow the third chance it so rightfully earned, even if it was at the very last instant.

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