Grimm Mishipeshu Recap


In this week’s episode of Grimm, the myth links itself to Native American culture with the mishipeshu. This is quite an interesting thing to deal with for the two detectives. Mishipeshu is a lake spirit that takes the form of an aquatic panther. Beckoned by a young man on a coming-of-age spirit pursuit, the mishipeshu possesses him and makes use of its power to seize retribution on the three men who striked his father to demise over a decade ago.

Deputy Janelle Ferris come back help out Nick and Hank in their search and initiate them to the Native American community. Even as Ferris does not drastically change the status quo among the detectives, it is pleasant to watch them asking for help from a person who does solid police work rather than relying on a pile of mouldy books.

Hank’s possession seems to not have worked. Not much development has been made in his character this season. He is basically stuck in his role as a sidekick. During possession by the mishipeshu was his chance to make a mark on his character but all he did was just run around the woods. It all ended just as quick as it began. The spell was almost fully dispelled by puffing some dust into his face.

On the other hand, Juliette, continues her journey to the dark side this week, although much less violent than in last week’s episode. She has chosen to demonstrate to others what she is capable of doing in a ostensibly secure location by waving her Hexenbiest powers around at a bar, acquiring free drinks and then scaring away all of the other people in the place. She then lets herself get arrested just to test what Nick will do about it. These scenes are hits that have been played a number of times in recent weeks, but they provide their function by demonstrating that Juliette is coming to adore the savour of power and is less inclined to return it back even if she could. It provides the character bureau, the lack of which slayed her amnesia arc in season two, and further shows her as a person independent from her affiliation with Nick. This is a significant distinction, since we have seen that every week it looks less and less conceivable for the Nick and Juliette to ever become a couple again.

Majority of Grimm’s overarching storyline comes to a stop this week. Renard’s exhanged seeing silly demon arms for at random attacking and robbing the guy in front of him at the coffee cart, Monroe and Rosalee are back in investigating mode by claming the safekeeping of the Hexenbiest spell book, and there is nary an Adalind or Kenneth to yet be seen. Based in the past, Grimm picks up pace as it gets to the end of the season, and with a bit of luck after this spree into the spirit world, all of its elements will commence to come together again.

Here’s hoping for more action in Grimm next week.

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