Grimm Season 3 Episode 21 Review The Inheritance

As far as important episodes go, The Inheritance might just be the most significant of them all. This episode sets all of the players into a position where they’ll be exposed to the different blows that will occur at or during Monroe and Rosalee’s special day. Even the bride knows that something bad is coming their way when she said “I have the feeling something awful is going to happen.” To which the groom replied “That’s the spirit.”

As fans we already know that of course, there is something big and ominous that will befall our favorite characters. What we don’t know is to what degree and how.

A person who may know is Adalind who is completing her return from good mama to full hexenbitch. She’s setting up something big and I have to say, she’s very prepared when it comes to props. Skeleton keys to break in Nick’s and Juliette’s house and a witch’s hat on her head while casting a spell. You know things are about to get real when a witch’s hat is involved.

Goofy props aside, we’re torn on our feelings for Adalind. A part of us dislikes what she does but we also sympathize because she lost her baby. However, is this enough reason to manipulate everyone, especially Renard who is, by the way, not completely buying the Adalind’s vixen routine. The whole thing ended when Adalind got busted, knocked the captain out and made a run for it.

What’s strange is that Renard knows what Adalind is up to but doesn’t tell Nick and Juliette.

Anyway, aside from Trubel, there’s a new character named Rolek, an old man who before he dies wants to pass on his Grimm tricks as well as a mysterious key to Nick. The key then is revealed to lead them to Germany, the black forest and “god knows what.” “I wonder if we’ll ever know,” says Rosalee. You’re not alone Rosalee, as a viewer, I also wonder where the keys will lead the Scooby Gang. Guess this is one of plotlines that we will only find out when the show is finally over so tie all the loose ends really nice Grimm writers!

Also, Rolek has a son named Josh who hasn’t acquired any of his father’s powers. The question is, will he be sticking around Portland, learn everything about wesens, and develop his own powers or will he be moving on disappear forever?

And lastly, Trubel, the worst name that you can call a pretty girl is adjusting very well and leveling up gradually as she gains experience after every adventure. Her interaction with the Scooby Gang is improving, she’s less reckless compared to last week’s episode, she’s showing signs of thoughtfulness, and an eagerness to learn more about her gift. Plus she handled herself very well during a fight with a Verrat. B+! Okay let’s give her an A.

The next episode will be the last for this season. I’m excited to watch it! I can literally hear the wedding bells or am I just crazy?

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