Grimm’s Hibernaculum Recap


Last week’s Grimm episode, entitled Hibernaculum was a bit peculiar of an episode.

Particularly the part of the episode, in the scene wherein Nick, Hank, Monroe and Wu inadvertently woke up a group of hibernating snake people, who were dressed only in their skivvies. After which they were hounded by the fuming horde and were fenced in a barn. It was just peculiar.

The Wesen of the week in spotlight are Varme Tyv (“heat thief”). They are cold-blooded creatures that require human heat to sustain and live on. Regrettably this takes the life of the human supplying the warmth. This gained the attention of local law enforcement.

The episode opened with Nick, unaccompanied and lonesome, eating a microwave meal, and just staring dolefully in the distance.

Juliette decides to reappear the Renard fixation plot from season two and attempts to seduce the Captain. She does this only because it will upset Adalind. And strangely enough, Renard went along with it. He did not even give a second thought as to how Nick would feel about it. He also informs Juliette as to where Adalind is currently staying in Portland so she can get her long awaited retribution with nemesis.

It’s noticeable that his bump into last week with Prince Kenneth left the Captain with an aching body and ego. But is injured pride really sufficient to sleep with his friend and partner’s (ex) girlfriend? Whatever the case is, it’s going to hit the fan when Nick finds out about it. Renard is still struggling with his bleeding bullet wounds from his encounter with the prince.

Meanwhile, in one of downtown Portland’s five-star hotels, Prince Kenneth theorizes that Juliette’s alteration might be of considerable use in his mission to locate Kelly Burkhardt and Diana. He also spots right through Adalind’s games, and tidily squashes her madness at practically being squashed herself.

And over to at Monroe and Rosalee’s house, Blutbad is still in struggles with his own flashbacks to his detainment by the Wesenrein. It was unquestionably poignant to witness him distress at the consideration of what he could have lost then. Good thing Rosalee was just nearby to pacify him with hugs and soothing, clock-based metaphors.

However, Monroe and Rosalee’s week only gets more dramatic when, in an unusual second of self consciousness, Juliette visits The Spice Shop for assistance. She had just attempted to tip a gargoyle onto the head of a pregnant Adalind so she was possibly feeling a little guilty.

But her susceptible side is shortly reinstated by distrustful, angry Juliette when she sees Nick at the shop as well. She frightens Monroe and Rosalee by woging, and then states they all had a part in transforming her into a monster.

The episode ends with a flashback to the first episode when Aunt Marie cautioned Nick that he would have to leave Juliette, now that his calling as a Grimm had been made known. Oh well. Nick should have listened to her Aunt Marie.

More of Nick and Juliette and the rest of the gang in the coming episode of Grimm.

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