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Jenny Mills in Real Life

By Gian Laquindanum / 5 years ago

Lyndie Greenwood plays a versatile role as Jenny Mills in the Fox TV series Sleepy Hollow. Jenny Mills has been separated from her sister, Abbie. She has been hutched up in a psychiatric hospital and at the very end of the previous season; she was left in an upside down car because of the Headless […]


Lyndie Greenwood Talks About The Pranks And Fun On Sleepy Hollow Sets

By Ishrar / 5 years ago

Fun Behind The Scenes Of Sleepy Hollow With one more day to go before the beginning to the sophomore season of Sleepy Hollow, here we are with fun facts about the show and its stars. The two beautiful ladies, Lyndie Greenwood and Katia Winter, better known as, Jenny Mills and Katrina Crane form Sleepy Hollow, […]


Sleepy Hollow Behind the Scenes

By Gian Laquindanum / 6 years ago

  Writer Phillipe Charles had his tour on the set of Fox Sleepy Hollow at Wilmington. He went there together with Lynda Loveland, the morning anchor and photojournalist Tom Normanly. It turned out that Phillipe was lucky enough to have been assigned in his favorite show. On his post, he said, “My job was to […]