Jenny Mills in Real Life

Lyndie Greenwood plays a versatile role as Jenny Mills in the Fox TV series Sleepy Hollow. Jenny Mills has been separated from her sister, Abbie. She has been hutched up in a psychiatric hospital and at the very end of the previous season; she was left in an upside down car because of the Headless Horseman. What is it left for her to suffer?

Season 2 is going to be really exciting and it has been much awaited by loyal fans. “Things get very dark and twisted. There are some aspects of Jenny’s past that I’m very excited to explore,” she shares. “She lead a very bizarre life before we caught up with her on Sleepy Hollow, so it’ll be interesting to dive into that a bit.” And with the Headless Horseman kicking around the neighborhood, life is not likely to get any less “bizarre.” says Lyndie. But before the season premiere which is on September 22, let’s get to know Jenny Mills in real life and her hair style.

Bearing in mind how well Greenwood owns the hard-hitting Jenny character, it is a little tricky to believe she’d be as laid-back and bubbly as she is in reality. She’s making it on screen yet her feet stays on the ground. She stays nice, just like how we envision a good Canadian girl. Her hometown is in Toronto, Ontario, where she was born and raised.  The 31-year-old actress has made her way up step-by-step with noted essential guest star roles on shows such as Lost Girl, before falling to regular roles on Nikita and now Sleepy Hollow.  With all the lime light, Greenwood hasn’t fallen for the spells of a high-maintenance life in Hollywood; but instead, she is still the hometown girl she used to be. For her, her style stays as chill as possible, “I really love jeans and a t-shirt, and dressing casually on most days; but part of the joy in doing that, is that it makes dressing up more fun.”

When it comes to hair talk, Lyndie can testify based on experience that forces of nature mimics to your hair look no matter what the texture, color or tresses u have. By being regularized in the hit TV series indicates than the Canadian actress is exposed to a lot of hair styling and might even spend more conscious time keeping her hair healthy amid the humidity of North Carolina set

Regardless of your natural hair texture or how much you’re willing to spend on shampoo, when it comes to the forces of nature, no tresses are safe. Lyndie Greenwood can testify to this firsthand. Her promotion to series regular on Fox’s hit drama Sleepy Hollow means the Canadian actress will be spending even more time on the super-humid North Carolina set. In an Interview, she said, “The weather makes me not want to even try with my hair. When you step outside, it just does whatever it wants to do.”

Greenwood tried the D-I-Y suggestions from the celebrity hairstylist, Anh Co Tran, in an effort to jam her hair right with the weather. These procedures are perfect for fighting frizz.

Meanwhile, as for what’s to come for Jenny Mills and the rest of the Sleepy Hollow gang in the second season: “I can’t say much, but the premiere episode is going to be insane,” hints Greenwood. “And, we’ve only shot half the season so far, so I don’t even know half of what’s to come!”

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