Beauty Tips from Sleepy Hollow Star Lyndie Greenwood

The character of Lyndie Greenwood on Fox’s series Sleepy Hollow is more of utilitarian than a glamour girl. She plays as Jenny mills, Abbie’s younger sister who was confined in an institution for mental patients and later on help in solving the mystery surrounding the horsemen. But in everyday life, she said that she utilize both the practical style while also keeping up with beauty trends and get dressed up.

She revealed her beauty remedies on set especially during busy days, when she has to be camera ready. “When I’m going to set, I don’t do anything, as the wonderful people in the hair and makeup departments take care of my mug. But day-to-day, I try to keep it simple; I cover up my dark circles, and put on mascara. When I’m going out, I’ll add some blush and maybe some eyeliner, or lipstick,” she explained.

Lyndie tries not to stray too far from what she really looks like when in photo shoots and the like. In public, she’s been known to walk around in her jogging clothes and cap, and no makeup.

When she was asked, “Who is your beauty idol and what about her beauty looks inspires your own look?”

She proudly said that her mother is her beauty idol. “Watching her get ready was always such a treat as a child. She’s confident, and secure in her appearance, and she wears whatever she feels like on whatever particular day. She is beautiful on the inside too, and her personality radiates and makes her even more beautiful on the outside,” she claimed.

On an inquiry about her beauty secret that she might have happen to learn from her make-up artists, she said, “Cotton pads soaked in witch-hazel can do wonders for tired eyes, as can a little white eyeliner along the water-line. A little liquid makeup remover in a dry mascara tube revives it completely.”

Greenwood expressed how badly every girl should invest in mascara and a lip gloss. She thinks these two things should always be in beauty kits.

For a daytime look to a perfect evening look, Lyndie feels that accentuating up the lips with some color is an effective way of transition.

In a query about her red carpet look, Lyndie stressed out, “I’ve tried a few different looks, and I still don’t feel like I have a go-to, because it really depends on the event. However, If I could wear black skinny-jeans, sexy boots or pumps, a fun top, and a blazer for every event, I’d be a very happy woman.”

On an average day, she carries M.A.C. Studio Fix powder, Benefit They’re Real mascara, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector, and City Lips lip gloss. For day to night transition, she usually carry NARS Red Lizard matte lipstick.

This fall, Lyndie is excited both for the weather and the fashion that comes with it. She buzzed, “Grey has always been one of my favorite colors, so I think you’ve inspired me! I’m just excited for scarves, and boots, and toques, as I am every year.”

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