Sleepy Hollow Is Renewed For Season 03 Already

Sleepy Hollow Gets Renewal News And More Updates

726ps8-750x400The second season of Sleepy Hollow ended just weeks ago and the renewal news have hit us already. Sleepy heads would be relieved to know that their favorite period drama will be back with more drama, thrill and horror in its all new season 03. As happy as we are, there are certain mistakes made by the show in their sophomore season which need not be repeated anymore. The viewership of Sleepy Hollow has reduced largely from season 01 to season 02. Whereas in the former season the viewership was 8 million, in the latter, it dropped down to less than 5 million. Compared to season 01, season 02 was down by 40 percent. All in all, the season did not do awfully well and most parts seemed out of sync. 45d10ee5dac436267c5f3f0b6ee8The most disturbing factor out of all was the sudden plot with Katrina. Her abrupt alteration of personality from being the minion of the witnesses to a vengeance sworn woman scorned seemed absolutely out of order, not to mention out of character. Maybe if they picked it up earlier in the season and let the hatred in Katrina build up over time. And even then, we wouldn’t expect her to go to the extremes that she did to seek revenge from Ichabod. She was always the one who believed in the bigger picture and it cannot be all about Jeremy all so suddenly. No, just no. It was also as though the first half of the season was tediously slow with a lot of unnecessary characters entering and exiting. And in the latter half of the season, they were practically rushing towards the end.

We sincerely hope the third season does not seem forced or out of order or just in plain a plain word, wrong. FOX has announced that the show has been renewed for 18-episodes. We did not see them do justice to the 18-episode long season this time but hope that will not be the case this time around. Showrunner, Mark Goffman, has also stepped down from his position and replacing his this season will be Clifton Campbell from The Glades. B8vUlSICQAASMphPresident of FOX, David Madden stared, “I had the pleasure of working with Clifton on both The Glades and White Collar. He is an excellent producer, and we can’t wait to see what this team has in store for Season 3.”

We do not doubt the credibility of the show but there are some adjustments required. Also, the third season is likely to focus on the growing strength of the partnership of the witnesses. Are they going to remain just witness partners till the end of this season? I mean, what was up with Abbie having Ichabod’s birthday as her password? With Katrina out of the picture, the Ichabbie plot possibility seems to have become much stronger. What exactly is going to happen? Only time will tell. Wait patiently till the next season of Sleepy Hollow, at least now we know there will definitely be one.

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