Nicole Beharie Is Touched By Sleepy Hollow Fan Love

Sleepy Hollow’s Nicole Beharie Talks About The Show And Its Fans

nicole-beharie-16x9Sleepy Hollow is already set to be renewed for an all new season. The finale of the sophomore season suggests that now (spoiler alert) Katrina is out of the picture, which essentially also means more of Ichabbie on the show. Whether you are a shipper or not, there is no denying that the witnesses have amazing chemistry as partners. While speaking about the witnesses, Nicole Beharie told Digital Spy, “”They’ve taken a more drastic stance against the cause for good; they’re fighting evil in the most extreme way possible. Abbie feels like she needs someone she can rely on, someone that holds no punches and will do everything it takes to win a war. Max is introduced, and he’s handsome and from a left-field height of Heaven, or so she thinks. 726ps8-750x400We find that there’s a lot more going on with him that what you would think at face value. There’s a lot of questioning with her, but you do get to see her tearing away from Crane (Tom Mison) a little bit, and question whether or not the partnership is strong enough or whether there’s other tactics they should be using.”

Continuing to speak about Max, Beharie stared, “Max Brown, off the top, is an amazing actor and addition to the cast. He brings this new, angelic character that Abbie is completely drawn to. They have this kind of kindred spirit in that they have both rebelled against what people think they should have been doing initially.”

SLEEPY-HOLLOW_612x380The whole second season passed and we were hoping to see more of the sister bonding paradigm, however, we hardly saw them together this season. Explaining the equation between the Mills’ sisters Beharie said, “”We see it here and there, I want more of it! We see it growing; I think after the ‘Mama’ episode, there’s a lot less animosity between them. I don’t know that I’ve seen a sister duo on television that’s active, aggressive and not fighting one another. I really love that you’re seeing these sisters and they’re fighting for a good cause. They’re friends, but it’s not contrived – there’s an edge and there’s a balance between them which I think Abbie maintains with everybody.”

45d10ee5dac436267c5f3f0b6ee8Of course the Ichabbie shippers are not going anywhere any time soon and for them Beharie says, “I don’t know, I really can’t say! My best guess is that we listen similarly. I have noticed that we’ll be in a space, not even in character and we’re taking in the same information and the same thing sparks our interest, we’ll look at each other. Maybe that’s what the chemistry is; when people listen similarly or hear certain triggers affect them in similar ways. I think we’re stimulated similarly. We might be in a room with ten people, all hearing the same thing but I’ll look over and Tom will be looking as well!”

The show might have lost a vast number of audience after the second season but it still has huge fan following and there is scope for them to get back in game just with some significant improvements. The plot is still one of the greatest out there and nothing beats the historical event manipulation techniques that are used on the show. About such great success of the show, Beharie states, “It’s a dream come true, and it’s so scary because we don’t ever want to let them down! SLH_218_Rewrite_30sec_Atag_2500_1280x720_400994371908Everyone has their opinion which can be scary; you don’t want to let them down. You don’t want to give the fans what they want, you want to give them something more – you want to surprise them and keep them on their toes. For my birthday I received a big basket from my fans, [with] videos – getting to see their actual faces, I was touched to tears! I never imagined that people would do that for me. It’s really been quite the journey – unexpected – and I’m utterly grateful for their love and attention to detail and for sticking it out.”

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