Connie Britton Wants To Be Back On American Horror Story

Former AHS Star Wants Back On The Show

Fox Searchlight 2012 Golden Globe Awards Party - ArrivalsAmerican Horror Story is renowned for bringing back ex-stars. The most favorite stars of the show are returning ones but hardly ever in recurring roles.

When asked whether she would like to return to the show, Connie Britton replied, “Of course I would. I would love to come back, but scheduling is tricky,” she went ahead to mention, “The thing that [creator Ryan Murphy] said to me was, ‘You can take my word for it that you will not be doing anything that you’ve been doing for the last five years on this show,’ and that appealed to me a lot.” It is not a surprise to hear that as Ryan Murphy is known for bringing back familiar people is all new packages.

While we love the idea of Britton revisiting the show, we’re saddened by the fact that one of our all-time favorite AHS stars, Jessica Lange, has announced her departure from the franchise. Co-star, Sarah Paulson said, “She, to me, is like a cat on a wire. Glee-Co-Creator-Ryan-MurphyShe’s very alive and incredibly present and totally scary as hell, because there’s something very unnerving about someone who’s that alert in a scene with you. You kind of can’t get away with anything.” Sarah Paulson also spoke a bit about her role in American Horror Story: Freak Show. As we know, the characters played by Paulson, the Siamese twins, were among the very few lucky freaks who survived till the end. However, there is something we did not know. Paulson stated, “I think it wasn’t always the plan for the twins to survive. I don’t think it was always the plan. And I think I was a little excited that I was maybe going to get to do a big death scene or something. Then I was always happy to hold onto my title as the only person who’s never died on the show.”

Another co-actress, Kathy Bates mentioned, “My show got kicked to the curb, I had a double mastectomy and I needed help! And thanks to my friend Jessica Lange, she got an appointment with me with Ryan, and he pitched lady-gaga-american-horror-story-hotel.jpg.25535ff9d0d69933a28169a9919cf59bDelphine LaLaurie, and I came to life after all those difficult months.” Jamie Brewer also has some fond memories with Lange and she mentioned, “Being her only daughter was a thrill in itself.”

As we already know, Lady Gaga will be starring in the all new American Horror Story: Hotel. Notice how all the major leads are occupied my strong female characters and Ryan Murphy has been willingly upto it throughout. He is apparently keen on highlighting the women leads and presenting them as gorgeously as possible onscreen. It has served bot Murphy and the show pretty well till now and we hope it continues to be that way. Not that the major plus on the show, Lange, has bid her goodbyes, there is possibility for a downfall and many viewers seem to think that Lady Gaga is not a good enough substitute. But we are going to hold our judgment until the fifth season airs.

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