Sleepy Hollow Behind the Scenes

Writer Phillipe Charles had his tour on the set of Fox Sleepy Hollow at Wilmington. He went there together with Lynda Loveland, the morning anchor and photojournalist Tom Normanly. It turned out that Phillipe was lucky enough to have been assigned in his favorite show. On his post, he said, “My job was to take some behind-the-scenes pics, post to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and stay out of the way.”

They first went to the vicinity of a boardwalk restaurant where the stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie were on action. Tom Mison plays the role of Ichabod Crane, while and Nicole Beharie is Lt. Abbie Mills. They are shooting one of the most hilarious scenes when Ichabod meets up the modern invention. They put it all up together effectively. And in a way, Philippe finds it brilliant. He described the area being crowded, not just the show crew, stylists and make-up artists, equipments and production staff,and  also the news team.

Phillipe described his experience when there was this one point that Mison walked by up close and gave his ackmnowledgement to Phillipe with a controlled, simple smile and a slight lift of his eyebrow. It was then he understood better why he has so much number of female fans.

Lynda, then, interviewed Nicole Beharie for a brief moment, asking about Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship. Nicole explained that Abbie didn’t really have time for a relationship given the threat of an apocalypse, but admitted that she probably needed love.

Screen Gems Studios was the next stop. Phillipe was astounded to see in-person where memorable scenes were shot. He was talking about the interrogation of the Headless Horseman scene. Wehe and the news team spoke with different cast members including FOX veteran John Noble, who’s role is Henry Parrish(Jeremy Crane) , and a new cast member Matt Barr, who plays a rugged bounty hunter and relic-seeker named Nick Hawley.

The cast reflect how highly professional and dedicated they are with their job. Everyone was insightful about their characters. They expressed their excitement for the upcoming season. Form Phillipes personal claim, “They were real, regular people. Friendly. Inviting. Even bubbly at times.”

Phillipe had fun observing how Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills) gushed about her new puppy. Neil Jackson (Abraham Von Brunt) told him and his team about fight scene injuries he has experienced in his career. Katia Winter (Katrina Crane) exposed that the house she lives in with Greenwood is haunted.  “And no, I don’t mean in the show. I mean in REAL LIFE!” said Phillipe.

“Perhaps the best part of the day was witnessing Jackson, Greenwood and Noble accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after being nominated by the cast of GOTHAM. So much fun to watch!” shared Phillipe before he did his selfie’s around the set.

The new season of Sleepy Hollow will premiere on Sept. 22. “There’s going to be brand new demons to fight, new plot twists, new romances, and perhaps even some redemption for characters we’ve branded as evil,” Phillipe revealed.

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