Farmiga and Carbonell on Romero Factor In Bates Motel

Norma and Romero Yet To Go All The Way In Bates Motel

mkn-1With the end of Bates Motel’s third season, we are now certain that the moment we were waiting for the entire season is far from happening. Spoiler Alert. Norma and Romero were thins close to doing it but just as we thought it was about to happen, the moment ceases and the kiss never occurs. The scene which almost builds up to the kiss has some other kind of action going on altogether. Vera talks about the scene and says, “This guy, especially when the camera wasn’t on him, was literally [egging me on]. I was landing those punches. I could’ve thrown bonafide uppercuts. I actually am a boxer. And I was so tempted to. But Norma is not an experienced fighter. By the way, Nestor has the most amazing skin in the world. There was no rosacea.” Nestor retaliates by stating, “If you wanna call them punches. I don’t know what that was.
You were batting me like a little cat. [To Vera] you started slapping me in the beginning, but it felt like it needed to be more violent. And we talked about it and I said, “You can punch me. You can hit me in the face. Just make sure, if you do, you do it with these two knuckles because you can break my hand.””

bates-motel-304-03Vera continues, “These characters are like positively ignited ions. They repel and they attract. And you need that one-upmanship in order to create this incredibly passionate dynamic. It was a tough scene. You have to go for it.”

The scene was completely packed with emotions and vulnerability. Vera Farmiga says, “That [outburst] was impromptu because he was like, “Give me more.” [To Nestor] You were [pushing ]for an actual kiss, but I was so resistant. I didn’t want to cross that line.
I think that breathing-in is actually more electrifying than locking lips.”

tumblr_nohy6hA4WP1qgn3cpo2_500Nestor adds, “Norma needed a punching bag, so I was like, “Bring it” And you did. That moment needed to happen. Norma needed a release.”

When asked why they did not go for the actual deal, executive producer, Kerry Ehrin said, “It didn’t seem like the right time for them. They still have huge trust issues. And they’re just starting to peel away a little bit of that. With two people like this, when they finally do cross that line, it’s going to be so f—ing [amazing]… it makes me cry just thinking about it.”
So, bad news, yet another season of anticipation for Romero to kick off; good news, the show promises to make it worth the wait.

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