Bates Motel Is Almost Psycho

Bates Motel Now Has Norman Going Fully Crazy

264CB9C100000578-2979390-image-m-13_1425483582509Ever since Bates Motel took off, we have been wondering when it will be time to see Norman Bates is going fully Psycho and it’s almost here. If you haven’t yet seen the finale of Bates Motel Season 03, then hold off reading and watch it now because major spoilers are coming up!

Bradley was finally back to crazy town and that was probably the worst decision she made, even worse than when she decided to kill a man. Bradley came back to White Pine Bay, hoping to have a better life; little did she know that death awaited her there in the face of a friend. This season finale of Bates Motel, we had to say goodbye to the character of Bradley Martin, for good. About the scene, the EP of the show, Kerry Ehrin said, “We had a long discussion about that in the writers’ room. Someone pitched, “What if it’s Vera [killing Bradley]?” And I thought about it for a minute, because Carlton and I are very careful about pushing into camp too far. But once we really thought about it, it got more exciting and interesting and fun. BM_310_02272015_JD_2314Also, it’s what’s really happening in his brain. And the goal of the show, at this point, is to get on the train with Norman so that you feel for him. It seemed completely appropriate at that time to honor the original with that. It was beautifully shot by Tucker Bates.”

The finale wasn’t all sad though. One of the best moments on the show was when Emma and Dylan were finally brought together. About their ultimate union, Max Thierot says, “It was nice, because he has longed to be loved by his family. It’s something that has been missing . Bates-Motel-The-Pit-3x08-promotional-picture-bates-motel-38406959-5184-3456He had Jodi Morgan [last season], but that was just a sexual thing. . For him to finally have this happiness is a huge relief to him.” Ehrin adds, “We feel that they are a real match, emotionally. How that plays out, I can’t say.”

Another big part of the season finale was the demise of Bob Paris (finally!) and the killing in the hands of Romero was the perfect man to do the deed. Carbonell remembers the scene and mentions, “This is a different line to cross, even for him. Bob wasn’t a moral person, but Alex had deep roots with him. It was not an easy kill. bates-motel-304-03It also wasn’t about anything other then [protecting] Norman from being incrarcerated. And to pare it down even more, it’s strictly about his love for Norma.”

The mother son duo is far from normal and the kiss that they shared has been widely discussed ever since it occurred and the stars discuss yet again. Freddie Highmore says, “Like the kiss at the end of Season 2. I’m sure they will continue to get closer. I don’t know why, but those scenes always make me giggle. It’s fun. It’s not weird.” Vera Farmiga adds, “The way we attack those scenes is with sheer earnestness. It’s funny what comes across and the judgement that’s put on it. In those moments, it’s just sheer affection between a mother and son. That’s how I’mplaying it.”

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