Freddie Highmore On Transitioning Into ‘Psycho’

Bates Motel Cast and Crew Talk About The Show’s Prevailing Psycho-ness

Bates-Motel-The-Last-Supper-3x07-promotional-picture-bates-motel-38387785-2832-4256Bates Motel, the super hit and superhot A&E series is now at the peak of its ‘Psycho’-ness. Norman Bates has just confessed (spoiler alert) of his fascination with his mother (!)  finally in the most recent episode and as it turns out, Norma is not too stunned. She simply says these are normal human instincts. It is official that Norman is sexually attracted to momma Bates, however, how far is his infatuations going to take him? Only time can tell. But here’s what Freddie Highmore, playing Norman Bates on Bates Motel can tell us about his role, “Now there are less comparisons made to it because people see the Norman on Bates Motel as being his own entity opposed to necessarily precursor to Anthony Perkins’ version. But at the same time I’ve re-watched Psycho before every season and in some ways tried implementing what Anthony Perkins brought to the role, especially as the show continues. I’ve always seen that the end of Bates Motel not necessarily as the end of Psycho. But the end of Norman in Bates Motel is a lot closer to Anthony Perkins’ version than the boy that we saw at the start. But I don’t think any of us feel tied to Psycho or to any performance that came before.”Bates-Motel-620x400

As we all know, Norman started dating Emma but it ended horribly as she saw his shielded side and decided to go for the other brother who has started showing interests in her again. This might actually turn into a twisted situation as Dylan claims he is trying his best to help Emma out to get his brother to like him more. On the other hand, Emma seems to be taking Dylan’s generosity as a sign of something romantic. If Dylan was in fact honest about trying to help Emma only to win Norman’s love, this is not going to end well for and one of them. Bates-Motel-Unbreakable-Season-3-Episode-4-04About Emma and Norman’s relationship Highmore stated.” We’ve seen in the first episode how Norman wants to try to date Emma. And I guess the reasons behind that become clearer as the season goes on and it is entirely out of the feelings that he has for her. But a lot of it is also out of feelings for his mother in the way that he feels like he should feel dating Emma.”

So many relationships at a stake in this single show, almost takes your breath away. Bates-3.3-No-MotherThe most interesting vulnerable relationship, however, is that of Norman and Norma, it is the very definition of one of a kind. About this unique bond, Kerry Ehrin, the executive producer of the show said, “It’s sort of like any mother. If your child had something wrong with him, especially something you couldn’t control, your instinct would be to literally tie them to your ankle. I mean you would want to be in as close proximity to them at all times as you possibly could be. And then you add to that all the dark undercurrents and suspicions and that are terrifying ordeals for Norma. Her instinct is to keep him as close as possible.”

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