Orlando Jones Leaves Sleepy Hollow


Though fans have been graced with the relief and the good news of Sleepy Hollow being renewed for its third season, despite numerous rumors of its cancellation because of its declining ratings, there is a recent new announcement that might make them quite saddened.  It has just been announced by Variety that Orlando Jones will be leaving Fox’s Sleepy Hollow in advance of its third season. The said actor plays Frank Irving in the show. Fox has not yet released any word regarding the matter. Orlando Jones is the second to exit the show since it has premiered in Fox back in 2013, after Mark Goffman had also made his exit after season two. Cliffton Campbell has taken in the place of the said former showrunner of Sleepy Hollow.

At the end of season two of the show, we have seen Frank Irving return to help Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane to save town from Katrina and Henry. After the show was renewed, it was assumed by fans that his role would be able to move up and be more significant as compared to the previous seasons, but we can now officially drop those assumptions.

The second season of Sleepy Hollow had drastically lower ratings as compared to its first season. It has lost fans along the way. This was assumed to be because the focus was made on Katrina Crane, who was disliked and underdeveloped character. Fans were pleased to see them go with their death in the season two finale of the show.

With the season two ending, plus these major changes  and a fresh new start, viewers are hoping that Sleeping Hollow will rise back to its former success. Former TV chairman and CEO Dana Walden had announced earlier this year at the TCA press tour that the show will be less serialized in the future and be more episodic, which will be a welcome modification for most.

It is still not apparent when production will get in progress for the upcoming season, but Fox has already verified a number of details, which includes moving the set from Wilmington, North Carolina, to Atlanta, Georgia.

The Headless Horseman will soon join vampires on Conyers film sets, as Fox’s popular supernatural TV series Sleepy Hollow moves its production to Georgia.

Orlando Jones’reason for his exit is said to be because he will be taking part in a new TV series entitled, High School 51 – a new series from Machimima.

Its description reads:

“Hidden away in the heart of Area 51, Dream Lake High School is filled with mind-blowing technology, top-secret government programs and a student body that is cool, quirky, attractive, and…well, alien.  No one from the outside has ever been allowed into the school and no human has ever attended…until now

For 16-year old Alex Valencia, the first and only human ever to attend Dream Lake, high school is going to be tough. Fitting in will be one thing but his biggest challenge just might be saving the human race!”

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