Portland Calling for Extras on Grimm Season 4

NBC’s Grimm has just started their fourth season and casting directors in Portland, Oregon need thousands of extras to fill various small roles, featured roles and background extras to work on the popular TV series.  The show will be in production through the rest of the year so those interested have plenty of time to get in on the act.

Grimm comes from EPs David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf . It’s a world where fantasy and storybooks meet modern day police.

The story of Grimm focuses on Homicide detective Nick Burkhardt serving the Portland Police Department. He learns that he was a descendent from a line of so called “ guardians”  or Grimms . More than his job as a police in keeping order to his town and people, he has a deeper role in keeping the balance between mythological creatures and the real world.  Some of these creatures are not that nice, or perhaps very evil and that Nick should always watch out.

The series centered on all his missions and encounters with dangerous creatures and how he was helped throughout by his friend Monroe , a reformed creature who is now less evil  and fights for the good side and his partner Detective Hank Griffin.

With its rich story and marvelous characters, no wonder the series is up again for its fourth season.

Grimm is based in Portland, and casting crew is looking for extras for its upcoming season. “Thousands of real people will be hired,” according to Grimm’s extra casting company, Extras Only.

Shooting for Grimm, which enters its fourth season on NBC, has already begun and will continue into next spring.

Who they’re looking for

You, or anyone who fits the criteria, preferably someone who lives in Portland.  Extras only suggests anyone interested should apply, though there are specific types and ages the show is looking for specifically.

Per the casting company: “Clean-cut men & women in their 30’s to 60’s

African American, Hispanic, Asian & Middle Eastern men & women 18+

Also need REAL BOXERS 18+ who would work approx. 1-3 days Aug. 8-20″

No experience is necessary and no professional photos are required. Digital photos are taken or current photos can be directly uploaded.

How does it pay?

Minimum wage or better with at least eight hours of payment guaranteed. Overtime is also included.

How do I apply?

Everything is online. Visit extrasonly.com and sign up. Once that’s complete, use the project code GRIMM to apply to be a traditional extra. Boxers should use the project code BOXER. There are no fees to apply.

With the Extras casting back in 2013, almost 500 people lined up at the meeting hall all hoping to be a part of the awesome show. A lot of them says, there’s a lot of sitting and waiting and all that. Yet they’re still very much willing and excited to witness and be part of all the drama, not to mention they get to see the main characters, and that’s pretty much is everything when you’re an avid fan.

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