Recalling Sleepy Hollow’s Successful Freshman Season

Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison, the dynamic duo from Fox’s man-out-of-time series, Sleepy Hollow, shared thoughts on the upcoming sophomore season and EP teased about Kindred and other Evils.

The freshman series about the legendary headless horseman and a man who awakens from centuries of sleep is a surprising hit and an electrifying mash-up of genres. Creator Alex Kurtzman spoke,  “These kinds of ideas are one molecule away from being absolutely terrible observes. “ If you pull it off, you’re giving people something they’ve never seen before. But we also could’ve been laughed out of town”, he added.

The Beharie-Mison tandem  made the show a gamble worth taking.  EP Mark Goffman once said in an interview, “We caught lightning in a bottle, we can dream as big as we want and know that somehow they will help find an emotional truth and a reality to the scene.”

Beharie, immediately impressed the series’ casting directors and creators while it was profoundly difficult to find the perfect fit for the role of Ichabod.   “Nicole performed Abbie’s entire back story at the read, and we were hooked. After she finished, we forgot to turn off the camera,” boasted by the  executive producer Len Wiseman. But finding the right actor for the enormously challenging role of Ichabod Crane wasn’t as easy. After auditioning numerous American actors, Wiseman finally realized they needed to go British. After a three-hour search on IMDb, he found Mison. “Tom just got it,” Kurtzman says. “We left the meeting thinking, ‘This guy gets comic timing and emotional stakes. He’s our guy.’”

No wonder when the show premiered in September debuting  15.3 million viewers , Fox’s series becomes highest rated fall drama premiere since Dark Angel in 2000.

Sleepy Hollow picks up in Season 2 with plenty of problems. Katrina is being held by the Horseman and Henry has been revealed as War. Abbie and Ichabod will have to take some dangerous risks to try and correct the situation. But first, Ichabod needs to get out of the grave ASAP.

Stars Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison, along with Executive Producers Mark Goffman and Heather Kadin sat down with reporters at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 to talk about Sleepy Hollow’s mythology, warped legends and history, and fighting evil with evil.

Mison declared, “It’s more often than not creatures we know from other stories and other fairy tales and take it and give it our own twist.”

This season, they will deal with a horrible Pied Piper. The lore will date back to the Revolutionary War and the boarding of American soldiers in homes. First the rats, then the children, are we suppose to get lured after watching the first episode of the series?

Here are some insights we shouldn’t miss.

Mison would like to see some of the English people from the time period: Samuel Johnson, a fiction writer, who penned the first dictionary and befriended Benjamin Franklin and  David Garrick, a renowned actor from the London theatre.

Benedict Arnold is buried near Mison’s flat in England.

There’s a chant said in the middle of the night in the forest to raise the Kindred.

In defeating the Kindred, should they go eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth? Could the use of evil to battle evil be justified?

Ichabod and Abbie are all in to save Katrina, they won’t back down to no evil.

Danger of the episode: You have to use a piece of the Horseman to raise the Kindred. And, he’s been searching for that piece.

The long break is over and if you can’t wait no more, Sleepy Hollow Season 2 premieres Monday, September 22 at 9pm ET on FOX.

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