Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Spoilers


There has been a mass cancellation of shows by Fox. Shows such as The Mindy Project and The Following failed to make the cut. However, Sleepy Hollow has been renewed for a third season. This announcement was made earlier this year, after speculations of its cancelation as well. Fans have been graced with relief and excitement with this announcement.

Fans however might need to brace themselves for some disappointing announcement. It has just been confirmed that Orlando Jones, who is plays Captain Frank Irving is leaving the show, according to Variety. He has been part of season one and two of the show, wherein he aids Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane in their struggles against evil. However, he had made lesser appearances for season two. His character’s storyline included being radically raised from the dead.

The announcement of his departure from the show succeeded the exit of Mark Goffman as showrunner of the Sleepy Hollow, which was preceded by the announcement of the renewal of Sleepy Hollow for season three. Mark Goffman’s exit was preceded by a unsatisfactory performance for season two of Sleepy Hollow that saw a forty percent drop in viewers.

According to TVline, Fox has officially replaced Mark Goffman with “The Glades” creator Clifton Campbell.

It is still not apparent when production will get in progress for the upcoming season, but Fox has already verified a number of details, which includes moving the set from Wilmington, North Carolina, to Atlanta, Georgia.

The Headless Horseman will soon join vampires on Conyers film sets, as Fox’s popular supernatural TV series Sleepy Hollow moves its production here.

Sleepy Hollow will generate about an estimate of three hundred jobs. Most of these jobs would be new and local. This would generate about a worh of $4 million payroll to town in two rented spaces of a total around 200,000 square feet. The agreement was made known to the public last May 7, 2015, during meeting of the Conyers Rockdale Economic Development Council board.

“It’s a pretty huge production,” according to Gina Hartsell, CREDC’s film production liaison. But, she also added, “They’re not really interested in filming in Olde Town Conyers,” which garnered some indications of relief, as the impact of several film shoots there took in strong complaints this week from local merchants. The Georgia International Horse Park is amid possible outdoor filming locations, in addition to the rented soundstage spaces.

And though fans of the show have been teased by hints of sentiments between Abbie and Ichabod, FOX diclosed that this storyline is going to be further extended.

Ichabod could do with a little positive news after his wife Katrina and son Henry had turned evil and were slayed by the witnesses.

So the door is wide open for Ichabod and Abbie to discover any feelings they may have for each other.

And it is not only Ichabod who could do with some good news.  Season two took on a perceptibly darker tone and fans are no doubt enthusiastic to see the show bring in a little of the comedy that made it a success in season one.

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