A Cult Leader In American Horror Story Season 5


Fans have been continuously speculating about details of season five of the American Horror Story. Though it has already been disclosed that the next installment of the hit show the American Horror Story would be American Horror Story: Hotel for season five, the show creator, Ryan Murphy has decided to still keep details about the show a surprise.  Fortunately for fans who have been anxious to get more details about the upcoming season of the show, an FX tipster has disclosed some details about American Horror Story: Hotel, according to Enstarz.

Details as to what Lady Gaga’s character is going to be was posted with a Tumbler link by Reddit user. According to that link, her character was depicted as a “beautiful, strange, yet sophisticated heiress – knees deep in debt – who runs the hotel and will do whatever it takes to keep it up and running” in spite of the several unfortunate events that have take taken place there.

It has also been share by Fashion and Style that the new season American Horror Story: Hotel will not have any supernatural elements in it unlike its previous seasons such as Murder House and Coven. It will instead be focused on a secret society or a Satanic cult. This cult will be lead by Lady Gaga. This new character is definitely something to look forward to for the new season.

The fans are eager to see how all these seasons will be tied up together since the show creator, Ryan Murphy has disclosed that the storylines are interconnected to one another.

“They’re all connected,” Murphy told Entertainment Weekly. “We’re just beginning to tell you how they’re connected. They’re all very separate, but, there’re clues every season that we’re now telling you how the different worlds are intertwined.”

Prior to the revelation that the next season would be entitled American Horror Story: Hotel, fans have dwelled on the Top Hat clue and thought it was going to be related to that. True enough, there is a relationship between the Top Hat clue and the story line of what the new season will be about. Top Hat was a hit comedy musical back in 1935, hence, viewers of the show are speculating whether or not the new season will be a full on musical since Ryan Murphy was also the person behind the musical show, Glee.

While it has been reported previously by news that Jessica Lange will no longer be part of the next installment of the American Horror Story, Fashion & Style is still convinced that Jessica Lange will still make an appearance in season five as the “older version of Lady Gaga’s character.” Fans will just have wait and see to find out.

Aside from Jessica Lange, the former members of the cast, such as Finn Wittrock, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Wes Bentley, and Frances Conroy will all be returning to the show. Season 5 will begin shooting in July and will be making its return on television this October.

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