A New Side Of Juliette on Grimm Season 4


Grimm Season 4 has been on a mini break for a month now on NBC but it is set to return tomorrow, March 20.  Fans have been graced with good news because it has NBC has announced that Grimm will renewed for its fifth season. In the interim, Bitsie Tulloch who plays the role of Juliette in the show, recently discussed about the “powerful” Juliette and how she is afraid of hurting Nick.

“I don’t think [Juliette] realises how powerful she is, and that’s going to be played out over the course of the rest [‘Grimm’ Season 5],” Bitsie Tulloch told The Oregonian. The actress also said that her character Juliette is “scared of hurting Nick.”

Shortly before going on a break, the cast and crew of the show Grimm 4 have learned that NBC is announcing a fifth season. During her interview with OregonLive, Bitsie has articulated their delight and excitement over the news that has been announced. She also expressed appreciation for the contribution of the loyal fans in the success of the series.

Last Feb. 13 in NBC, in the episode fourteen of Grimm Season four, the cliffhanger is Juliette explaining to Nick, as played by David Giuntoli that she has become a Hexenbiest, a Wesen, just like Adalind who is played by Claire Coffee. How Nick would react to this revelation is expected to be seen in the next new episode tomorrow.

In the next episode of Grimm which is entitled “Bad Luck,” Nick will be talking to Henrietta, who is a guest star played by Garcelle Beauvais. She will be the go-to woman for information and answers in Juliette’s situation. Monroe played Silas Weir Mitchell and Rosalee played by Bree Turne has yet to find out about this “side effect.”

Adalind is also facing Henrietta for her own questions. After failing miserably in scaring Juliette, Adalind learns that she is pregnant again. An NBC promo clip hints at another baby in “Grimm” Season 4.

Also in the next episode of Grimm Season 4: Monroe and Rosalee will be going undercover to help out Nick and Hank (played by Russell Hornsby) to work out a Wesen crime which involves a ritual. Monroe himself has a ritual-related plot, which concludes in the tenth episode of the show. According to TVLine, the teaser synopsis reads:

“Nick and Hank investigate the murder of a man who was found with his foot cut off, apparently as part of some Wesen ritual for good luck. But in order to find the culprit, Monroe and Rosalee need to go undercover. Meanwhile, Nick’s still reeling from the fallout of Adalind and Juliette’s showdown, and he ends up on a path to Henrietta.”

During an interview with TVLine, Mitchell cited Monroe’s recent arc “solidifies [Monroe’s] belief in the right way versus the wrong way to live.”

So far in Grimm Season 4, Adalind and her baby Diana have yet to be reunited. Monroe and Rosalee have finally had their honeymoon. Captain Renard (played by Sasha Roiz) is seeing some irregularities in his resurrected body. Sgt Wu (played by Reggie Lee) is becoming more and more accustomed with Wesen characters. And Juliette has terminated two bad Wesens.

Grimm Season 4, after a mini hiatus airs tomorrow on NBC.

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