Bates Motel – Season 03: Kenny Johnson Promoted To Series Regular

By: Kh Ishrar

More Of Caleb And Return of Bradley

Caleb2In the very last season, we had to encounter one of the biggest revelations on Bates Motel so far, that being the disclosure of the true identity of Dylan’s father. Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) had to suffer sexual abuse form her brother, Caleb (Kenny Johnson). Dylan (Max Theriot) is apparently the son of Norma and Caleb which was revealed not only to us, but also to both of Norma’s sons only one season ago. In the upcoming third season, the relationship among Norma, Caleb and Dylan is likely to be highlighted further as Kenny Johnson has been promoted to series regular for Season 03.

While speaking to Zap2it, Johnson said, “He needs to find some answers for himself. He loves his sister. I think he hoped when he first saw Norma that she was going to be a different reaction than, ‘Get out.’”

njrnghertShowrunner Kerry Ehrin discussed further about this twisted situation by saying, “I think there’s a great deal of unfinished business between them, and what exactly the truth of what happened we really don’t know. … I think digging that out is going to be really interested, but it’s a loaded, loaded relationship because they were incredibly close. And you add Norman into that, and it’s extremely volatile.”

Besides the new extension to the series regular list, there is another new update. The beautiful and talented actress Nicola Peltz, playing Bradley, shall rejoin us this season which makes us very glad the first moment and quite nervous the second as we can only imagine how things might end for one of Norman’s biggest crushes, who, on the other hand is falling for his elder brother, Dylan. Will the psycho within Norman rise again?

nicola-bpeltz-bbates-bmotel-bpremiere-bafter-bparty-bvb-rv-ugdx-bates-motel-1214960529Nicola Peltz will also be back as Bradley, a character who left the show at the beginning of Season 2. Additionally in Season 3, Cuse says that a new town and new group of characters will be introduced.

Carlton Cuse says, “Season 3 is going to pick up not long after Season 2 ends. Basically we killed everybody other than our series regulars on the show, so that leaves kind of a big void in White Pine Bay.” And let’s hope this void will be filled by very interesting and enigmatic characters who will join us in Bates Motel. Not that the old villains are nearly extinct, news ones are very much likely to rise from their ashes. In any case, we do not expect the town of White Pine Bay to be free of trouble for much long. As Cuse goes on to say, “We all have good and bad within ourselves, and which side wins? I think the characters are all sort of struggling with that. For Norma, the question in a lot of ways is what will she — or what won’t she — do to try to protect Norman?”

Olivia-cook_612x380On an unrelated note, one of our favorite Bates Motel star, Olivia Cooke has an all new hairdo, or more like a no-hairdo. The actress, playing the role of Emma on Bates Motel, had to shave off her hair for her new role in Me & Earl & the Dying Girl which is an adoption of Jesse Andrews’ novel. Olivia Cooke plays the role of Rachel who is a girl suffering from cancer. Will Olivia Cooke’s haircut have any significance on Emma’s role and whether Bates Motel writers utilize her new look, remains to be seen. But they surely have that option open, considering Emma’s vulnerable health and oxygen-tank-dependent lifestyle on the show.

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