More Of Caleb, Bradley And Other New Characters In Bates Motel

What The Bates are Cooking for Nicola Peltz and Kerry Johnson

Caleb2As one of the latest blasting news of Bates Motel, we have already been assured that Caleb is returning to the motel and this time as a series regular. The character is portrayed by Kerry Johnson who will be playing brother to Norma Bates. Vera Farmiga, playing Norma on the show, says, “I think Kenny Johnson is a revelation. There’s so much to be explored. The two shared a fractured childhood, but the depth of their neuroses will have to be explored over the course of the season. While Johnson added, “He needs to find some answers for himself.”

The show’s EP Kerry Ehrin mentioned, “There’s a great deal of unfinished business between them [Norma and Caleb].” The tidbits of the relationship are yet to be sorted out by the writers but they are headed somewhere twisted, for sure.

Carlton Cuse brought up the scariest aspect on the show, saying, “There’s also this huge revelation that’s occurred for Norma and Norman. Norman most of all is struggling with which side of himself is going to prevail.” Freddie Highmore, playing Norman Bates gave his outlook on the matter by stating, “One side of him is completely innocent and will remain innocent.”

Bates-MotelHowever damaged Norman is, his mother cannot seem to see the other side of the coin. Vera Farmiga states, “She genuinely thinks she can glue back the pieces and heal him. She’s this broken-down lioness and she’s trying to protect her cub in this life-or-death scenario, and she’s gonna get her licks. There’s also this huge revelation for Norma and Norman. For Norman it’s the realization that he’s capable of doing these horrible things.”

Carlton Cuse goes on to mention, “The show is a mixture of pulpy storytelling and character work. There’ll be some sensational pulpy narratives.” The show is promising to bring in new characters into White Pine Bay, however, who they are and how they will influence the storyline, still remains unknown.

nicola-peltz-at-bates-motel-panel-at-winter-tca-tour-in-pasadena-wallpaper-279352930Alongside Caleb, the character of Bradley will be revisiting Bates Motel this season. When she took off after killing Gill, who initially murdered her father, a large number of fans were quite disappointed. The major reason is that Bradley had just started to evolve as a character. In season one she was probably one of the most unpleasant characters on television but as soon as the second season took off, we saw her as an absolutely altered being. She had evolved from a shallow, man-eating doll to a strong, independent and vengeful woman. The transformation was remarkable and seeing this strong side of hers made us want more of her on the show. Now that we have been urging to have Bradley back, the creators will be showing mercy and bringing her on the show. However, White Pine Bay is anything but safe for Bradley, who is not one a murder fugitive but also under potential threat from Norman Bates who is currently going through this rapid fluctuation of personality. And with Norman’s never ending crush on Bradley and her crush on Norman’s brother Dylan, who knows how this massacre will end. Let’s just say, we have our fingers crossed.

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