Giuntoli Talks Of Major Cliffhangers Ahead On Grimm


NBC’s Grimm has been on a month long break but has just returned to TV with its latest episode, “Bad Luck,” which is mainly focused on a case where a man’s foot has been chopped off.

This disconcerting case will engage on the superstition of the lucky rabbit’s foot, with Rosalee and Monroe going undercover to assist in solving it. The episode picked up right where the last episode left off, where Nick shocked with what had just transpired, that Juliette turned into a Hexenbiest. In an interview with David Giuntoli, he discussed the future of his character’s relationship with Juliette, the new episode and the final episodes of the how which will change the life of Nick forever.

“It’s kind of devastating news. Her being a Hexenbiest is really just a side effect of what we had to put her through. And it’s like the worst STD a person can get—being a Hexenbiest—and it’s a side effect of when she became Adalind. [Nick] feels terrible and I think Nick is definitely going to try to work it out with her; whether she can work it out with Nick is another story. But Nick’s going to try to figure out a way to make it all work,” David said in an interview.

When asked about whether his character was a bit proud about how Juliette overpowered Adalind, David expressed, “It was rad. Nick can’t say it. It’s like when your kid beats up the bully in school, you can’t really say you’re proud because you can’t condone fighting, but inside [Nick’s] really thinking, ‘that’s [my] girl.’”

David talked about how Juliette would make a great addition to their crim fighting team saying, “she’d be great. She’s the most powerful Hexenbiest there is. She’d be a great addition if only we could harness her power and keep her from going to the dark side every now and again. But right now, she’s too much of a wild card.”

“That’s minor in the scheme of things. You’ll see some reasons he’s going to get really angry with her coming up,” David answered when asked whether Nick will get upset with Juliette for turning to Renard before him.

David was asked to discuss the latest episode, on how the show has put a spin on the classic superstition. “It’s very macabre. We have creatures in the world that are actually wesen, human, creature, wesen-oids. And when you saw a foot off a live rabbit … it’s a bad scene. Our writers are taking it to a dismal, dark, horrible place,” he discussed.

When David was asked to share some juicy spoiler for the show, he said, “the last, I think, seven episodes, you get to see Nick’s mom, you get to see Trubel, and things change in Nick’s life that’ll never be the same. I’d say the events that take place in Nick’s life, in probably the last five episodes, are as momentous as him finding out that he’s a Grimm. These are the biggest cliffhangers we will have ever had on the show, and there’s going to be about three of them.”

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