Will Nick and Juliette Break Up On The Return of Grimm?


Fans have been in a long wait for the return of Grimm season 4 which is still on hiatus. It is scheduled to return on March 20. The next episode is entitled Bad Luck.

The official rundown of Episode 14 (Bad Luck) reads as follows:

“Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russel Hornsby) investigate a murder victim with his foot cut off, and stumble onto a disturbing Wesen take on the “lucky rabbit’s foot.” In an effort to help, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) go undercover. Meanwhile, the fallout from Adalind (Claire Coffee) and Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) showdown still has Nick reeling and sends him on a path that leads to Henrietta (guest star Garcelle Beauvais). Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee also star.”

The relationship involving the main characters, Juliette and Nick, who are played by Bitsie Tulloch and David Giuntoli respectively, is not looking to get any better.

Tulloch has noted that the furniture in house of the couple has been extensively changed in a tour on set. This could be a good indication of Juliette moving out of the house soon or of a breakup.

“That may be a signal of things to come,” Giuntoli discussed with Zap2it. “Happiness doesn’t make good TV. Happiness for a time makes good TV, but you have to tear it apart. I don’t know to what extent the writers are going to tear us apart this time. It could be permanent.”

Fans have witnessed in the last episode of the show entitled Trial by Fire, how Adalind and Juliette got involved in a full scale fight. Juliette was much more powerful than Adalind since she has been transformed into a Hexenbiest. She had defeated Adalind and ended up almost killing her.

As Nick came home to find his home in a shatter, he asked Juliette what had had transpired. As she narrated how she and Adalind had come into a full blown flight and how she was nearly took her life because she had turned into a Hexenbiest. “There’s something I have to show you,” Juliette says. “You know how much I love you.” The inference being, “so please don’t kill me when I turn into a Hexenbiest.” He was in total shock when he with what he had discovered.

In an interview, Bitsie Tulloch talked about the murky path Juliette is heading in.

“As an actress, this has been really, really fun,” she says to Zap2it.

“And the fans are loving her being a Hexenbiest because she gets to have a power now. Before it was that she was sort of adding a lot being a veterinarian and being good at research and stuff, and knowing how to shoot a gun. She’s actually a potent force. I think right now she doesn’t want it and is really just scared about hurting Nick,” Tulloch added.

“We try not to make things easy,” Greenwalt articulated. “We warned and warned and warned that there would be side effects if she did this thing, if she changed into Adalind and slept with Nick. There have been side effects.”

What will happen next? Will Nick and Juliette break up? Fans are counting down the days until Grimm returns to NBC on March 20.

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