Grimm cast Discern new Plot Twists on Season 4

The whole point of the opening quote every episode of the series Grimm is to confer a tip-off on what the audience will see. Wishing the same courtesy is given to the upcoming season 4.

What to expect?

Grimm’s Season 3 Finale opened more plotlines up in the air for many of the characters than wrapping things up. Questions like, will Renard die? Will Nick regain his powers? (If he wants them back that is). Will Wu realize that Wesen are real?

First, we heard one of the show runners sketch on season 4. Jim Kouf mean to explore the possibility of Nick minus his powers and dealing with the aftermath which includes his relationship with Juliette. The creators are  planning on setting out where they took off, perhaps first by finding the baby.

What do the casts say?

Zap2it visited the show’s set for its Season 3 finale and spoke with several cast members about what they think should happen in Grimm Season 4.

Most said they were really excited to explore the Resistance storyline and that’s how fans feel as well.

Bitsie Tulloch quoted, “I like the stuff with the Resistance actually. It adds an interesting element of bringing them over from Europe and seeing how they may be able to help him out in Portland maybe”. She added, “I think that’s a storyline that people have really responded to, and our showrunners to date have proven that they are really responsive and amenable to the fans.”

Silas Weir  cited, “The domestic thing is really fun and it adds another seasoning, a very unique thing.” She added, “But on the other hand it would be nice, I think, to maybe get more into either the crime-fighting element, the legal side of things with Nick, or with a Verrat and the resistance side of things.”

Bree Turner also says she would love to see Rosalee explore more her connection to the Resistance and the Wesen Council.

On the Conflict within the Scooby Squad

Turner said, “Maybe it might be nice, now that we’re all so cozy and all in bed together, that we start to have more conflict about our association with the Grimm and our loyalty to [him].”

“I think they should resurrect that a little bit. The same way they brought back the scene where we come up with the sunglasses idea, I think that would be good because it might be too easy now. … People ask me, ‘What do you think would be interesting to explore?’ And just the idea of real anger or sadness or betrayal, because things have been pretty hunky dory,” Mitchell adds.

He expressed, “It’s important to maintain the authenticity of the idea that these alliances are brand new. They’re not tenuous because they’re established; there’s trust, but as far as the rest of the world is concerned, they’re very, very unaccepted, and that can manifest in conflict between the two players.”

Should Wu learn about Wesen?

Russell Hornsby exclaimed, “I think it’s more interesting for him to go right up to the line and then deal with that. I think that’s a lot more fun and seeing him be wowed by all that’s going on around him versus him being included into the knowledge of all of these creatures”. He added, “For storytelling, I think it’s just more exciting that he doesn’t know. That’s conflict. That’s a lot more interesting.”

That’s about it folks, some drizzles on what’s coming on Grimm Season 4, premiere on NBC in fall 2014.

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