Grimm Season 3 Episode 12 Recap


Let me just say this, Grimm is finally back with a great episode to boot! Aside from being entertaining, the show has finally decided to let some of the major plots to move forward.

Ok, let’s begin by mentioning the Wesen wedding between Rosalee and Monroe. Monroe finally proposed after the dinner and the reminiscing of their “firsts”. After all the cheesy stuff, the countdown begins until they are finally officially married.

But before they finally tie the knot, there are some things to consider before Monroe tells everyone about the good news. He has failed to inform Bart and Alice that he is actually in love and living with a Fuchsbau. He’s also best friends with a Grimm so there’s that. With all things considered, the seating plans will be challenging to accomplish.

Seating plans aside, Monroe stupidly believes that his parents will be cool to the fact that he’s marrying someone outside their specie.

“They’re breaking the natural law and they don’t care about the consequences,” yells Bart. “We’ve seen how these relationships tear these families apart,” says Alice.

Meanwhile, in Vienna, Viktor appears again in a meeting with Danilov, the head of the Verrat, still trying to know who killed his cousin Eric. Danilov then calls Adalind to know if she recognizes any of the resistance from the pictures that they presented to her. Sebastian, however, gets to warn Adalind first and tells her to keep her cards close to her chest, which she does.

She then admits that Renard ledt a note in her room. She tries to lead them from the truth by telling that it was about her mother’s murder. Danilov and Viktor used their brains and figured out that Adalind’s baby daddy could actually be Renard and not Eric. This causes an abrupt stop on the plans to kill Renard until they figure out who’s the real father of Adalind’s child.

Speaking of the baby, it made a lot of people uncomfortable when it decided to stretch and push its hands and face on Adalind’s belly. The mother, of course, freaks out because let’s be honest, babies don’t normally do that. Stefina does her best to calm Adalind and says that everything is normal and the baby will pop out soon.

Anyway, Nick’s mom who we hasn’t been mentioned since she sent an email to him 7 episodes ago, has an update. Juliette has finally decided to join in on whatever’s happening between the Burkhardts. She emails Kelly which makes Nick wary of getting Juliette involved but she argues that being left out got her into bigger trouble compared to when she didn’t know anything.

This episode has been really great as Grimm decided to amp up the gore with a psychotic, serial killing Wesen. They called it a Wildesheer which attacks cops and military people and makes a coat made from the scalp of its victims. It’s pretty cool to see a strong opponent that can prove to be a challenge to Nick.

The show ends with one of the most awkward meetings in the history of Grimm Nick funs up to Monroe’s parents, and you know, normal Grimm VS Bludbat stuff. Bart and Alice go into attack mode and the writers decide to put “TO BE CONTINUED” on our TV screens. Very nice Grimm.

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