Grimm Season 3 Episode 20 Review My Fair Wesen


The majority of the episode reminded the viewers that Nick bit more than he could chew. He’s a great mentor but Trubel is a pro at being a real amateur. I mean, it even makes me wonder how she survived for so long on her own. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s really smart, but some of her choices lead to exchanges that were supposed to be funny but ended coming off as “really?”

Trubel and Wu as co-Grimm newbies is fun to watch. Drew Wu needs a friend and Trubel should also have someone to talk to when it comes to being new to all of the crazy things they are being introduced to.

She is in really good hands though. As I said, Nick is an excellent mentor, very willing to dedicate a huge chunk of his day so the young Grimm can reach her full potential while Monroe and Rosalee provide the “friendly wesen angle”. In hindsight, Monroe and Rosalee showing their wesen forms to Trubel was the most important lesson that was taught in this episode because it proved that not every wesen is out to kill her and that she should act accordingly depending on the situation.

Nick is also given the chance to learn something from her students. Yes, Trubel can be hasty and her common sense can be off from time to time, but there is something that Nick sees that propels him to guide the young Grimm into the right direction.

One of the hardest things in regards to Trubel being a Grimm is that she’s an outsider, a plus one to the Scooby Gang. For some time she’s going to be an outsider, sure, Nick, Monroe, and the others can help, but having an equal to talk to will help her even more. Plus, Juliette is not as welcoming as Nick. She knows deep down that it’s the right thing to do but she can’t help but be annoyed because a new Grimm is her new house guest. Poor Trubel, an orphan girl who has been misdiagnosed all her life is struggling to make connections with new people. Her first instinct is to run away but she’s so fascinated that she disregards that instinct and stays.

While everyone is concentrated on the newcomer, Adalind is playing Renard. I’m torn to see her back to her usual ways. Seeing Adalind on the “good” side should make me glad right? But to be honest, I like her being on the bad side again. I guess the writers of the show know that Adalind is better off on the dark side.

Overall My Fair Wesen was a good episode to showcase how new Trubel was in the world of Grimm. Although the whole thing wasn’t focused on her, it was enough for us to glimpse her back story without needing to dedicate an entire episode only for her. This was really a good episode, even if they didn’t share lots of things about the Grimm wedding of the year. But seeing that we’re only two weeks from the finale, they’re probably saving the best thing for last.

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