Grimm Season 3 Episode 9 Recap Red Menace

Hey everyone! Grimm is finally back after a short winter break with their latest offering, an episode called the Red Menace. Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) investigates this “Wesen” healer. The problem with the healer is that, the healing ability comes with risks. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) takes in a friend and Hank then tries to get closer to his physical therapist named Zuri (played by guest star Sharon Leal). Elsewhere, Adalind (Claire Coffee) is tracked down by Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz).

Anyways, the episode starts with Juliette receiving a phone call from her friend Alicia. Alicia said she needed to get out of here while sobbing. Apparently, Alicia is having problems with her husband and she is scared of what her husband will do if she leaves. Juliette then tells her to get out of the house and come to Portland.

Meanwhile, Adaline meets up with Sean Renard and warns her that the royal family knows she is selling a baby with royal blood and asks further is the said baby is his or Eric’s.

Then, the episode shows a man in a party greeting guests and pouring drinks. He is then toasted, which reveals his name as Boris the “Great Healer”. The Great Healer makes a speech but doesn’t look so good so he heads into a room to gather himself. He is seen sweating and appears to be unhealthy. A man, then, attacks him in the closet and does his best to try and stab Boris with a knife. But Boris transforms into this beast and just throws the attacker out the window. The attacker runs, with his arms burning from where Boris grabbed him. He tries to make a phone call but drops to the ground before he can do so.

In Portland, Alicia arrives and is seen with bruises on her face. Nick tells Alicia to never tell her husband where she is hiding. Alicia tries to hide her face to Nick and transforms into this beast. Nick, obviously thrown off, pretends not to see the transformation and acts normally as Juliette re-appeared in the room.

Hank is still on therapy and is still hitting on his therapist. He asks her out but says no because she wants to keep the relationship professional.

Sean is then back in Portland and tells Nick about what’s happening in Austria. Sean says that the family in Austria think that both of them pose a great threat.

Nick and Hank are then called to a crime where a body has been found in a freezer inside a Restaurant where we saw Boris partying. They found the closet where Boris fended off the attacker. They also found the body in the cooler which belong to a waiter named Marco. They deduced that Boris’s attacker killed Marco so he can get the waiter uniform.

The attacker, who we saw drop to the ground, was still alive, but is covered with huge blisters with his skin rotting and his skin falling off.

Hank, Nick, and Sean visit Boris. Olga, Boris’s wife says that her husband is busy healing but the trio insisted in seeing him. They charge to the healing session and sees Boris with glowing eyes and pumping something green out of his hand. Boris then said that he had nothing to hide and all he did was self defense. He continued by saying that some men hate him because sometimes his healing doesn’t work.

Out attacker is finally dead (?), seen by the housekeeper.

Nick and Hank does some research and found out that “Russian Healers” are seemingly impossible to terminate. Sean then proceeds to call his Russian partners and found out that Boris kills all his enemies with poison.

Nick and Hank goes to the Attacker’s motel room, which was seen as dead, but when they were heading out of the bathroom, the attacker stumbles upon them and falls on Hank. Due to the contamination, they have been decontaminated and wore blue hazmat suits on. They found out that the attacker’s name is Alex and has been rushed to the hospital and is dying from radiation poisoning.

Meanwhile, Juliette and Alicia are chatting. Alicia says that she will never return to her husband jokes about a perfect murder.

Boris is brought in for questioning. He said that he poisoned Alex, the Attacker because of self defense. Alex was found to be an assassin and Sean advices Boris to go out of the country.

The trio visits Alex in the hospital trying to see if they can pry some information out of him. Alex confesses that he was paid by someone whose father was poisoned by Boris. That someone was living in the same house as the Great Healer.

Plot Twist!

Boris is then seen in bed with his house keeper named Larissa. She suddenly snaps and starts screaming “why won’t you die!” It is then revealed that she has been poisoning Boris for quite some time because he killed her father and brother. Boris falls down to his knees and apologizes. The tri arrived in the house. Larissa stabbed Boris, then Olga slashes Larissa’s throat. Boris does his best to heal Larissa. He was so weak from the stab wound that he ended up dying.

After everything that happened, Nick comes home to Juliette and Alicia. Joe, Alicia’s husband calls looking for his wife. Nick denies that he knows Alicia’s whereabouts. The call ends and Joe is seen inside a car, parked outside Nick’s house, watching them intently.

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