Actresses That I Want to See Replace Jessica Lange

It’s official. Jessica Lange will be leaving the critically acclaimed American Horror Story after its fourth season. The actress said that she will sign up for one more season and “that’ll be it” according to media site Buzzfeed. In American Horror Story: Coven, she plays Supreme Witch Fiona. She played the character of Sister Jude in the 2nd season and starred in the 1st incarnation as Constance Langdon.

Ryan Murphy, co-creator of the show had this to say about Ms. Lange’s departure. “Every year, she says, ‘OK, that’s my last one.’ But she’s already committed to the fourth series. I can see American Horror Story going 10 years, 12 years, 15 years. I think it’s limitless because it re-energizes every year, and I would love for Jessica Lange to be part of it every year.”

If what Mr. Murphy’s saying is true, then we need a new actress to fill up the shoes of Jessica Lange. Here’s what I had in mind.

Vera Farmiga

I know, she’s currently starring in Bates Motel but if it was possible, she would be great in American Horror Story. She has been on a couple of thriller movies like Orphan and The Conjuring so we know that she will fit in AHS like a glove. And her acting chops are top notch, plus, she really likes roles that have to do with suspense, thriller and horror which will make Ryan Murphy’s job of convincing her easier.

Sissy Spacek

Like Jessica Lange, Sissy Spacek was a household name back in the day. The difference is Ms. Lange successfully made a comeback with the first season of American Horror Story. Although Ms. Spacek has been seen on Big Love in 2010-2011, she still doesn’t have the same presence that she had back in her hey-day. Ms. Spacek is best known for her starring role in the movie Carrie (the classic one) in which she received an Academy Award Nomination.

Anna Gunn

Fresh from her win in the Emmys, her take on American Horror Story characters would be interesting to watch. Although the biggest problem is that a lot of people really hate her character in Breaking Bad. But based on talent alone, Ms. Gunn will probably kill it in American Horror Story knowing that she has worked in the best TV show of all time.

Helena Bonham Carter

If she doesn’t mind doing TV, Helena Bonham Carter would be perfect in American Horror Story. And again, if she doesn’t mind coming back to really dark projects that made her so interesting in the first place. What I’m really trying to say is, stop doing Disney stuff and make dark movies or TV show again.

Winona Ryder

Another (former) Tim Burton and Johnny Depp affiliate, Winona Ryder is right at home if she decides to join or is invited to play a part in American Horror Story. First of all, she’s a pretty decent actress and she’s also attracted to projects which are dark in nature. The only thing that’s getting in her way is looking like a younger and more attractive Tina Fey.

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