Grimm season 4 episode 3 Review: Last Fight

After last week’s flat and not-so-gripping episode, Grimm Season 4 bounced in a good groove with the third episode, The Last Fight.

The Monster of the Week storyline recalls old movies about boxers taken advantage of by crooked promoters or criminal groups much like the Mafia.  A young boxer named Clay, who happens to be a Wesen doesn’t want to fight, but when his trainer and others start beating on him, Clay is overtaken by fury, and Woges into his Heftigauroch form, which makes him a formidable opponent in the ring.

Here are some moments worth digging into:

  1. What’s up with Nick’s powers? They’re pretty much taking vacation so long: Once again, Nick’s inability to get his Grimm on forces him and Hank to send Trubel into dangers to do some undercover Wesen-hunting, this time at the gym. After the fight with the promoter, and Trubel snapping the guy’s neck, Nick looks at Hank, and says, “We can’t keep doing this.”
  2. The new Trio Monroe, Rosalee and Renard’s mother: The scenes involving Elizabeth using her Hexenbiest powers to figure out what kind of spell Adalind used to change herself into Juliette and steal Nick’s Grimm powers were by far the crown scenes these season. Elizabeth is just the latest example of one of my favorite Grimm mini-themes, powerful older women who are stronger and more capable than anyone else around. Though Elizabeth assures them they don’t need to be afraid of her, Monroe and Rosalee are cracking nervous about her Hexenbiestliness. While, it’s still peculiar that Elizabeth is too young to be Renard’s (Sasha Roiz) mother, she’s still effectively commanding. A favorite example: she calmly stabs her hand to draw blood to magically open Adalind’s magic book, a move that makes Monroe stare in wonderment, and say, “Please tell me that hurt.”
  3. Bud is back! Portland actor Danny Bruno made an open heart comeback as the ever-excitable Bud, who’s still freaked out about Trubel, the new Grimm in town who turned Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding into chaos. Reassured that Trubel is a safe zone, Bud then freaked out upon knowing Nick isn’t a Grimm anymore. “I gotta get home, and not tell anybody,” he says.
  4. What’s the real deal with FBI special agent Chavez? She and her guys abduct Trubel, Chavez woges out to prove that Trubel is a Grimm, and then Chavez makes hazy, menacing allusions to how her powers would be valuable to a group fighting dangerous Wesens’ influence in society. But Chavez is a Wesen, so which Wesen is she talking about?
  5. How long will Sgt. Wu wait to catch a conversation with Nick? Nick collapsed before he could give Wu any answers to the question of why Trubel, a homicide suspect, is staying with Nick and Juliette. Later on, Wu gives Nick a momentous look and tells him they need to talk. Just how long is Wuand the viewers going to have to wait before he gets some kind of explanation for all this crazy stuff going on in Portland?

I’m pretty sure this and all that could wait for a more inviting and nail biting next season of Grimm. Tune in!

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