Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 7: Deliverance

Henry wasn’t messing around, Katrina was in some serious trouble this week on Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 7.

For a second there I thought Ichabod might lose his precious Katrina, but luckily Benjamin Franklin came to the rescue once again. Was the plan to get Moloch’s essence in that jar all along? The opening scene was undeniably significant because it gave us a deeper understanding of  Ichabod and Katrina as a couple before all this madness started.

He’s talked about how much he loves her, but as an audience you just couldn’t grasp it yet. It’s been Abbie all along and Katrina’s stuck in purgatory while our hero debonair is busy fighting demons along with Abbie that is. Just a tender touch in our hearts with that opening, and we knew.

Speaking of Henry, he certainly put Abraham in his place this week. Apparently War is more powerful than Death. And wait, Katrina is to give birth to Moloch? Talk about a bad news.

On a lighter note, Katrina’s pulling off that modern chic look with her outfit.  Ichabod was uncomfortable, but even he couldn’t deny he liked Kat’s new look. It’s always fun when the characters from Colonial times are given modern clothes. I found it interesting that Ichabod was jealous that Kat can now see Abraham’s head. His trust in her is shaky due to all the lies, so I guess it made some sense.

We learned the Goat’s head symbol belongs to the Hellfire Club, a really evil organization. Is this where the Hellfire Shard mentioned comes from?

It was pretty ballsy of Abbie to sneak into the Hellfire Club’s lab, but why are the bad guys always so clueless? She easily managed to sneak out a practically important book. Ofcourse, it’s easy because they left it in the open, free for all!

I couldn’t believe  Ichabod thought Headless was responsible for the pregnancy. Well knowing there are those mysteries, spells, witchcraft and all that it could be just one of those unexplained things. Luckily it didn’t take long for them to figure out the Jincan was the cause. I mean, it must have been a relief for a jealous husband.

Is Katrina being naive thinking Henry can be redeemed? She blames Moloch not Henry, but their spawn is pretty far gone. I loved that Abbie put them both in their place. This is the freakin’ Horseman of War we’re talking about people!

Though they attempted to appeal to Henry’s human side, I knew he wasn’t going to shunt. When Katrina suggested killing her to stop Moloch I’m thinking hey, that’s easy. I’m not quite sure I’m going to miss her, but Ichabod would certainly be devastated, so good that she’s alive.

Did the vision of Jeremy running through the woods really give Ichabod hope? Though he chose Moloch over his estranged parents, a part of me somehow thinks he can be redeemed, it’s a small thread of hope, but hey, it’s still there.

When characters shift from being pain in the ass, to the helpful they put you out of that hole just in time, you just wanted to kiss their ass this time. Well maybe I still don’t favor the Sheriff, but she was a big help so fair enough.

Now how was the episode called “Deliverance”? Served it right, right? Is Moloch’s spirit in the jar? Was that Henry’s plan all along?  Let all these questions linger for now and remember to keep our heads at that, always.

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