Nicola Peltz Will Return To Bates Motel

By: Kh Ishrar

Bradley Checks Into Bates Motel Again

nicola-peltz-at-bates-motel-panel-at-winter-tca-tour-in-pasadena-wallpaper-279352930Bates Motel, prequel of Hitchcock’s classic movie, Psycho, has completed two successful seasons and is still going strong with its third season scheduled to release in the coming year. While we were a little disappointed with the show’s fail with the Emmy nominations, this news might just ease off the pain a little. Even though, Bates Motel is going fantastically, and we have nothing to complain about, many fans were largely disappointed when their favorite character, Bradley, left the show after killing Gill, her dad’s murderer. Great news for those fans, Nicola Pelts, playing Bradley Martin on Bates Motel, has confirmed in an interview with We Got This Covered that she is going to be back on the show.

While Bradley’s character did not win any hearts in the initial season, the second season brought out a newer aspect to the character. Bradley was portrayed as a spoilt, ruthless teenager whom, almost all the Norman lovers, hater for how she treated him. However, in the next season, things seemed to have flipped as Bradley got time to straighten her act and face her fear. She adopted the revenge seeking daughter within her and went out on a hunt for her daddy’s killer. And in fact, she did actually hunt him down, and killed him. This showed us a side to Bradley which we had never expected to see before and just when we were hoping to have her around for long, she was sent into hiding by Norman Bates. Earlier when asked about her possibilities of returning to Bates Motel, Nicola Peltz stated, “I honestly know as much as you do. The third season was picked up though and I didn’t die, so hopefully.”

nicola-bpeltz-bbates-bmotel-bpremiere-bafter-bparty-bvb-rv-ugdx-bates-motel-1214960529While that statement gave us hope, Nicola’s latest interview got us overjoyed as the news of her return has finally been confirmed by her. Nicola Pletz said in another, more recent, interview that, “I’m going back on Bates [Motel], so I’m excited about that,” while she was talking about her future ventures. While we are utterly thrilled to have her back on the show, there is an unknown fear for Bradley that is growing over us. Even though it was sad to see her leave, we were somewhat glad that she escaped the psychotic Norman which reduced the possibility of yet another in the hands of the delusional teenager. However, bringing her back, raises more speculations about Bradley dropping into the danger zone as she can’t help get over Dylan, who has so far been consistent about leaving his brother’s crush alone for now but for how long, is what remains to be seen. Fact that Norman murdered his teacher for behaving inappropriately with him, makes Bradley’s return even for scary, considering how reckless she has been in the past. In spite of all these, we definitely hope to have Nicola Peltz back on Bates Motel and entertain us with her flawless beauty and brilliant acting skills.

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